Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This past weekend we took Elle to get her first haircut at a neighborhood salon, High Point Salon.  It was FINALLY time.  Her hair was very uneven and was a little mullet-y.  I had always said that I would not be that mom that would get attached to hair and would cut my child's hair when it was time.  But I was very nervous about the haircut. Not so much because it was her baby hair or her baby curls but more because she was bald so long that I felt like we had to work so hard for that hair and I didn't want to cut it and then Elle look like a boy.

But it all went great and while we could of taken a little more off I wanted to be very cautious the first time around.  It is still a great improvement and the back actually curls better now that we cut a little off. So yay!
She didn't want to sit in the big chair by herself so Mommy's lap worked just fine.
A lollipop sweetened the deal.
Making some progress. Still enjoying the sucker.
After she was finished with Elle, Kenny decided to get a haircut too so we spent some 
time crawling in and out of the really fun dryer chairs.
A picture of the back.  Probably not a big difference to yall but it was different to us.