Monday, November 5, 2012


As you can imagine October has been a crazy busy month.  It is amazing how having a child makes you truly live up the spirit of fall.  From football games, pumpkin patches, fall festivals, costumes and trick or treating we have been busy busy.  

I always feel so guilty about not blogging about every single thing that we do because this "season" of life is flying by and I want to remember all of it.  I have no excuse for not blogging this month other than my phone cord has pretty much stopped working and it is hard to upload all of our pictures.  But luckily Kenny let me borrow his tonight so here we are.  

I give you pretty much the entire month of October as told by Instagram and my iPhone.
Introducing Mack Presley Shearin.  One of the cutest newborn baby boys I have ever seen.  
We are so excited for Joe and Tracy!
 Homecoming at Mississippi State.  We won the game putting us at 7-0! In the last couple of weeks we have played some hard opponents and lost a couple of games but we are still enjoying going to one of our favorite places and watching our Bulldogs play.  We are planning to take Elle to the Arkansas game.  
 First pony ride at one of our classmate's birthday party. She loved it!
Talking to the duck at the petting zoo.
 Kenny's parents came in town to celebrate Kenny's birthday with us so I brought Gramma along with us to the birthday party.  The choo choo train was a huge hit too!
 The church playground is still one of our favorite things to do every Tuesday and Thursday after school.  In fact we might be throwing some fits if for some reason we don't go.  Ugg.  With the cooler weather comes static electricity.  Elle's hair seems to really react ha!
 Elle's school/church had the cutest little fall festival and trunk or treat.  It was gorgeous cool morning.  We had a great time.  Since Elle won't wear anything over her head, the cute unicorn costume I bought her was out.  Thanks to the Target $1 aisle she went as a fairy instead.
 Elle and I went to see the big pink fire truck that was there for Breast Cancer awareness month and decided to sign it to honor my mom a two time breast cancer survivor.
 Our neighborhood garden club has a fall festival for the kids and we enjoyed doing that one afternoon while we had THREE house showings in a row!  Elle's favorite party was the hayride and we enjoyed riding with her too.
We went trick or treating with a group of our closet friends. We all meet over at my friend's house for appetizers, dinner and beers and then when it gets dark it is time for trick or treating.  We lost Elle's wand at one of the festivals we went to so I decided she could go as a dedicated State fan instead. Let me tell you, she loved trick or treating.  Wanted to walk to every house on her own and would get upset if we tried to skip a house.  She had the best time and was completely exhausted when we got home.  It was such a fun night.  The bottom left picture is Elle and Lizzie just doing a little late night reading after trick or treating.  The bottom right picture is Elle going through her loot the next morning.  She doesn't quite understand that she is supposed to eat the candy but she loves going through it all and shaking it and laying it out to see.  I can only imagine what Halloween will be like next year!

We took Elle to the playground and lately she loves to just walk and walk and find things to pick up. We started collecting these pecans and ended up with a big handful.  Kenny and Elle spent some time cracking them and then we tossed them in cinnamon and sugar. They were delicious and Elle got the biggest kick out doing the whole shebang with her Daddy.


The Fields Family said...

Such cute pics! She is a doll! I love her little fairy costume. :)

Ashley said...

Looks like you guys had a great month!! I love her static hair! haha too cute!