Thursday, November 15, 2012


It was one of the biggest things I did not want to happen to me.  I thought we were in the clear.  Elle loved all foods when we started baby food and finger foods.  She ate most of everything. stopped.  Now she is eating pretty much...NOTHING.

Picky, picky, picky.

Let me preface this by saying she does eat at a different time than we do and does not eat what we eat for dinner.  With Kenny's schedule being different everyday and we never know what time he will arrive home night to night week to week it is just to hard to prepare dinner, keep it warm and as a family sit down to dinner.  I hope/plan for this to change in the future but for now this is what works.  Elle eats  around 6.  Kenny gets home around then.  Then he does bath time, stories and bedtime while I make dinner for us.

What makes it even more infuriating is she will seem to LOVE a food one week and won't eat a bite the next week. I have found myself turning to all kinds of foods that I swore I would never feed my child like pasta with butter and parmesan and macaroni and cheese. Pasta is pretty much the constant.  She will eat pasta most of the time, oh, and cheese.  Today I even found myself looking at chicken nuggets!!! Chicken nuggets. Yall.  Now granted I did (in my head) say if I am going to buy them I am going to buy organic natural ones but they were $10 for 18 nuggets.  That is just crazy to me.  So no nuggets were

I have talked to our pediatrician and we have looked at her weight gain because Elle is pretty small and she says that her weight is on the lower percentage but isn't abnormal and that being picky is normal for her age.  So I am just praying that she will become less picky in the future and I am trying my hardest not to cater completely to the pickiness and give her junky bland foods that are unhealthy.  Our ped. and I decided that on days where I do not feel like she eats anything then we will give her a Pediasure for extra calories and nutrition.

In addition: Please know I do not care/judge you if you give your child chicken nuggets.  No high horse here.  Elle eats Chick Fil A chicken nuggets once a week probably and gobbles them up. This post was intended to be more a vent about Elle being picky than chicken nuggets.  


Ashley said...

have you tried to make your own nuggets for her? I've seen a ton of moms do that spend the day making HUGE batches and freezing them. This way controlling what goes in them.

My kid likes chicken but we rarely have nuggets in our house because they are so expensive.

My child doesn't eat pasta he's super picky too. Best thing just offer and keep trying. She will grow out of it. :)

The Priers said...

both mine started being picky around 18 months. Ally has always eaten like a horse and is picky now. Gray grew out of it around 3-3 1/2 little by little he will try new things and eat a lot more.
I think its just a phase and they'll eat if they get hungry. But I too try to work around things I think they'll eat.

one thing that worked for us- try smoothies. basically just anything you have around... frozen berries, a banana, milk, (throw in some fresh spinach) and mine eat it up.

I have done many, many, "I will never"...