Monday, November 19, 2012


This weekend the Lacey family headed to Starkville to see the Bulldogs play the Arkansas Razorbacks in our last home game. We were so excited to have Elle come with us this weekend.  It had been a few months since her last game and it was crazy how big of a difference those months made in her tolerance interest in the game. 

The weather was the absolutely perfect weather for a good football game and Elle had so much fun.  She clapped and cheered and danced.  She loved it.  At one point I was holding onto my large cowbell and I felt it slip off my lap and it turned out to be her reaching for it and giving it a good ring.  We have a much smaller bell for her so it was so funny.
Getting ready for the game to start with Daddy.
Shaking her pom pom in support of the Bulldogs and Nick Bell.
Family photo. 
Bonding with Mommy and Daddy over a little SEC football.
She was pretty excited when Kenny went to the bathroom and she got to sit in the big chair.
Elle missed her nap so she took a little snooze on Kenny's shoulder 
after the game.  She has to be really tired to do this.  

After stopping by some tailgates we headed back to our condo to watch the Ole Miss-LSU game which was a great game.  Then a group of us headed up to the Grill to watch the fourth quarter and enjoy some cheese sticks and steak on stick.  By that time we were all exhausted and went to be at 8:30!

It was such a fantastic weekend spent in Starkville.  Kenny and I love bringing Elle to the games and spending the time together as a family.  I know these are the days we will work hard to remember.  Elle being so small and cheering on her future alma mater.

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Ashley said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Love that she wanted to ring the bell! She is so cute!