Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Yes, yesterday was the first time I have voted in an election since turning 18 and being eligible to vote.  I know that is kind of shameful.  And I have a few good excuses reasons but I know that I should of been voting.  In fact,  I didn't actually plan on voting yesterday either.  I thought for a while that I wasn't registered.  Then Kenny found out I was indeed registered by checking online and sent me the address to go vote.

It wasn't until I picked Elle up from PDO and was headed to Target and I passed the high school where I thought I was supposed to vote at and turned in literally on a whim.  I was so relieved when I walked in and there were 0 people in line to vote.  But then they told me that I was supposed to be at the middle school.  So by that point I was feeling all patriotic and "this is my right" and was determined to vote.  So Elle and I trekked a WHOLE neighborhood over to the correct precinct, stood in line...

Elle standing in line - waiting our turn

and got our vote on!  It felt great! And Elle was pumped about her sticker!


Steve Finnell said...

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Delta Daisies said...

yay!!! haha.. she looks so excited to be voting.