Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Oh parenthood.  It causes you to take a step back and reflect over the simplest (and best) things.  Elle is two.  And she has her own little voice these days.  She is making all kinds of decisions.  Juice or milk?  Cheese or fruit?  Peanut butter or grilled cheese?

The decisions and the way she conveys her choices to me is not always pleasant.  Sometimes it can be downright awful and then a time out is needed.  But right now I am enjoying this time in our life where because of these choices we are starting to see her personality take shape.

Yesterday her PDO program was closed because the church where she goes was in the path of the tornado. And it has been raining nonstop for several days so we are getting stir crazy again.  So I decided to take her to run some errands and then to get frozen yogurt.  We take her to get frozen yogurt all the time but we normally just share ours with her.  This time I got her her own cup and then let her choose the toppings. We looked all over the choices and then I explained to her that she could have whatever she wanted on her ice cream.  The first thing she chose was gummi bears which are very similar to the fruit snacks she loves. Next, peanut butter chips.  She is obsessed with peanut butter these days.  Some mini M&M's which are also a fave and finally some mini chocolate chips.
Yall.  The amount of simple and pure joy I had by just watching her pick out the things she likes and then enjoying them.  I thought about it all day and it would just make me smile.  This little baby is getting big.  She is becoming a little girl that doesn't require me to make every decision for her.

I know ice cream toppings don't tell me whether she will be outgoing or more reserved, will like to read or play sports when she grows up but it is just such an experience watching this little person grow.

Now I will probably look back at this post one day when she has made a DECISION about some awful pair of shoes that are the hot new thing or wants to dye hair a funny color.  But for now I am loving all the decision making going on in our family.

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