Monday, February 25, 2013


So apparently I needed a little break from blogging. We had a low key last weekend and week so I just did not have too much material to tell you.  But towards the end of the week we got out to do some fun things as a family and we had a great weekend.  So here are some recaps!

On Friday we took Elle to the zoo. You might remember I took her once already but this time Kenny tagged along.  We had a a lot of fun. The highlights at the tiny zoo are the train. the carousel and feeding the ducks.  There actually weren't a whole lot of animals out that day which we thought was kind of funny but Elle is at the age where everything is an adventure so it was still a great day together.

Elle watching the conductor toot the horn and getting ready to pull out of the station. And she insisted on bringing her baby with her sans clothes.  So funny.
Riding the train with Daddy.

Riding the carousel with Daddy.
Getting up close and personal with the leopard.  He was so pretty and was just as interested in Elle.
Our second train ride.  This time she sat with me!
Second carousel ride with Mommy.  

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