Tuesday, February 26, 2013


We talked about taking Elle to New Orleans before we move to Starkville and then decided against it.  But Saturday morning Kenny was headed out to Starbucks and mentioned it again.  I told him to go get coffee and Elle and I would be ready when he got back.  So when he got back we hopped in the car and headed to the Crescent City!

We thought taking Elle to the aquarium would be fun since she obsessed with all things "sea" because of The Little Mermaid.  We had a great time and Elle loved all the fish.  The aquarium was the perfect outing because it really only took us an hour and forty five minutes to walk through not including stopping to eat lunch in their food court. 

Despite the somewhat dreary weather we then decided to take the half mile walk down to Cafe Du Monde for Elle to have her first (of many) beignets.  They were delicious.  It was a great memory even if Elle happened to fall smack out of her chair waving good bye. to some med student girls she had befriended while we there. We felt horrible but she got over it quickly.

And now picture overload. Ha!
In total awe of the tunnel aquarium. There were fish everywhere!
There were these scuba guys cleaning the tank and they 
started feeding the sting rays and it was really neat.
Daddy and Elle watching the penguins.
More fish!

Watching the ferry boat go by.  Soon after it tooted its horn and I have never 
seen Elle look so terrified. She sprinted for me and cried so hard.
This picture is so rough.  It was totally muggy and drizzly but I have decided I have 
to start including more pictures of us.  So here we are at Cafe Du Monde!
Getting her first taste of beignets.  She loved them.  She was a little worried about the 
mess they made on her and everyone else but otherwise it was a complete success. 
We were so glad we decided to take her.
Licking her lips! Now I want a beignet!

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