Monday, May 13, 2013


It was such a wonderful weekend.  So low key and I was totally pampered because it was Mother's Day.  This was the first time we were all home in Starkville since Easter.  That is crazy!

We started off the weekend by picking up Lena at the vet. She stayed overnight after the doctor fixed her boo boo as Elle would put it.  As of today she is already doing better.  It is a big incision and a little shocking to see her so shaved but all in all she is doing well.  We just have to keep her super confined and calm which is proving to be the most difficult part of this process.
 Poor Lena.

 I was grateful to get a sweet Mother's Day card and an iTunes gift card in the mail from Kenny's parents.  It was so sweet.  This Sunday was Mrs. Ann's (Kenny's mom) birthday AND Mother's Day.  We sent her like 20 different cards. Ha!
Can't wait to use this!

Saturday morning, Kenny took Elle for donuts while I went to the gym (story of my life) and then we went to the park for some play time.  We had a great time wearing Elle out until it was time to go home for lunch and I had to shower.  Because it was time to head to the spa for my Mother's Day massage.
The massage was wonderful. This was my first time to go to Vitality Spa in Starkville and the masseuse did a great job.  I will definitely be going back.  After I stumbled out of the spa ( I always have the strangest buzz after a massage) I went and treated myself to a pedicure.  I arrived home just as Elle woke up from her nap and they surprised me with some very pretty flowers they had picked up while running errands.  We then headed to a restaurant for some drinks and appetizers while we watched the Grizzlies take home a win.
 Elle cheers-ing me.
Grateful for this little girl who made me a mommy.  Doesn't she look thrilled that 
we made her pause her cartoon for a picture.
Pretty flowers that will be blooming for two weeks. There are so many buds.  

Sunday morning we decided to stay in our pajamas and cook a big breakfast and just spend time at home as a family. Kenny and Elle both gave me sweet cards. We did get out for a little bit to go get a Starbucks at the campus Barnes and Noble and look around there.  I took a glorious nap while Elle napped and then Kenny grilled steaks for dinner.  It was such a nice Mother's Day weekend.  I am so grateful to Kenny for pampering me and I am so grateful to have Elle.

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Ashley said...

Poor puppy!

Looks like you had a good mother's day!!