Thursday, May 23, 2013


I really enjoy seeing every one's pictures from the first day of school and then the last days of school or Parents Day Out in our case. It is amazing how much children change.  So I thought I would take a little trip down memory lane.  

It makes me kind of sad because Elle kind of had a crazy year of PDO. She wasn't walking like she should be in the summer so we enrolled her for a couple of days in a wonderful program, Special Kids for the summer hoping that having her in a play environment with other kids would get her moving.  And it did along with some wonderful help from my friend and physical therapist Morgan.

Then in August she started at this precious little PDO program at Second Baptist and it was amazing.  Gosh I loved that program so much. The children and parents were so nice.  The teachers were so kind to Elle and they did the sweetest things every day.  

Then it was time to move.  Sad face.  I hated to leave Second Baptist.  We moved to Hattiesburg and Elle went to another church PDO a couple days a week until we moved to Starkville where she started at First United Methodist (FUMC) as soon as we arrived here.  

I worked at FUMC in college for 3 years so it is funny to be walking in with my own little one now.

Sooooo anywhoooooo.....I took pictures on the main FIRST days.  But then I didn't really get a awesome picture of her last day.  To be honest I didn't really think about it being her last day because she is going this summer so it didn't really feel like her last day.  Oh well.  I vow to be better.  Luckily, I take at least 10 pictures of Elle every day anyway I have a picture of her on her last day to be able to compare.    
First day of Special Kids in May.  First day of going to any kind of "school" ever. It was so last minute I didn't even have time to order a lunch box and backpack set.  She is pictured here with a diaper bag of mine and a lunch box we had laying around. Ha! BUT she still looks a-dorable.

First day of Second Baptist Parents Day Out.  She still looks like a little baby here. 
And of course not the best picture but taken on the last day of school.  But still.  She officially turned into a little girl.  Where did my baby go?  

And what is funny is I will do this again next year, look back on these pictures and think she looks like a baby.  I swore I would never be that mom and say these cliche things.  But oh how time flies.  Especially when you move and go to 4 PDO programs in a year ha!

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Delta Daisies said...

She HAS turned into a little girl! Wow time flies!