Friday, May 10, 2013


Hola! So it has been just a few days since I checked in.  Things have been a little crazy in the Lacey household.  Work stuff has been crazy for Kenny and he has been traveling a lot.  Some for work and some for play.  

Then this Tuesday, I let Lena out first thing in the morning and she took off after a cat.  When she returned she was limping badly.  A few hours later she wouldn't even put weight on it so to the vet we went to find out that Lena tore her ACL and needed surgery.  Thursday morning she had surgery and we are picking her up today.  Ugg.  She will have 8 weeks of recovery.  No running, no jumping and we have to be careful with stairs which we have on both doors of our condo.  But we are glad she is okay.  

Here is a little bit of photo dump from the past couple of weeks!

While Kenny went to Nashville for a concert, Elle and I traveled to Memphis for a night.  We met our friends Lindsay and Loftin and my sister at the Children's Museum and we had so much fun.  Then my sister and I took Elle's to Muddys that afternoon and then my sister and I ordered sushi takeout and watched Twister on TV.  It was such a good weekend little trip and I liked having some one on one sister time.
Me with Loftin at CMOM.
 Me with Elle at CMOM.
 Shopping for groceries.  This was always my favorite part of any children's museum 
and I was happy to see Elle loved it too.
 Awwww. They love each other.
The boys at the concert.  It was cold, muddy and poured on them the entire time.  They had a blast.  

Elle is out of PDO for the month of May so I am working hard to keep us out and about and having fun. Once the summer kicks into gear she will will do PDO two days a week and then we finally made music classes work with our schedule. I can't wait to get her back into music class because she loves it so much. But we have been taking full advantage of Starkville's story times.  The children's librarian is a very expressive reader which makes it fun and they always do a fun craft.
This weeks story time was about elephants. Elle enjoyed the craft a lot!
 And here are some pictures of when we went to the park yesterday.  She loves this little park.  I packed her a lunch and we were there for at least two hours.

This weekend Kenny and I will both be home and we are staying home! We were tempted to travel again but with Lena and everything else we decided a weekend at home with no plans sounded good. Not to mention Kenny booked me a TWO hour massage on Saturday for Mother's Day.  TWO HOURS!! I can't wait because I have been so sore from being at the gym all the time.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Mother's Day and a great weekend!

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