Friday, January 9, 2015


Month two! Here we are.  Things are getting easier and more fun.  We are snagging a little more sleep which makes everyone feel a little more sane and Walker is becoming more interactive.  I know they are sweet when they are newborns but the interaction is what makes start to feel closer to our babies.  When they start turning towards your voice and smiling occasionally and the coos!  They are starting to give back a little and I just love that!

He is still not sleeping through the night and I am trying hard to accept that.  I think he is just a hungry boy.  Doesn't want to miss a meal.  And don't worry he is not!! I weighed him here at the house the other day and I got that he weighed around 12.4 lbs! Holy smokes! Elle didn't weigh that much for a long long time!! He is staying a wake a lot more during the day and we have started playing on our play mat and getting tummy time in when we can.

So here are some pictures from the last month! Sweet boy is growing and Elle continues to be a wonderful sister.  She just is so sweet and loving to him.  I will say these second babies have to be tougher to weather the love of the older sibling.

One morning I tried to lay down with him after we dropped Elle off at PDO.  I managed to get a short nap.
Starting to wake up.
And sacked out!
I try to make myself sit-down and snuggle with him which results in me taking a selfie ha!

My little burrito!

By the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.
The amazing boys in my family.
Real life.  Can't remember why she didn't have clothes on but he was fussy and she offered to hold him! This is when having a larger age difference is a total life saver! He was so happy to stare at her and he stopped fussing!
Walker and I both had colds that lingered for a couple weeks.  We were over it!
Getting ready for the Orange Bowl!

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