Monday, January 5, 2015


A few days after Christmas we headed to Fairhope to celebrate Christmas with Kenny's parents and also celebrate New Years.  This was our first time to travel with Walker.  I realized as I was packing that this was the first time that I have traveled since Kenny and I went to Ross Bridge to celebrate his birthday in October.  
Elle likes to play in my closet.  Particularly with my shoes.  
I got this picture while I was taking Lena to the boarder. Silly girl!

Getting to Fairhope took a lot longer this time.  We stopped in Meridian to give Walker a bottle and let Kenny run into an account.  Always working our way through the south when we travel.  
While we waited on Daddy we took some car selfies.
Once we got there we tried to do Kenny's family Christmas but all Elle wanted to do was play with Gramma. So we ended up stopping the present opening and letting Elle spend some time with Gramma.  Later we let Elle open up her presents and then the grown ups opened gifts after all the babies were in bed.
The Christmas set up.
Elle trying on some new cute monster slippers.
Elsa with her long ponytail braid. Maybe Elle's favorite gift from the grand parents.
Elle hanging out with her daddy on New Years Eve morning.  Also sporting her new Frozen nightgown.  Gramma is responsible for buying Elle all the fun cartoon clothes! Elle loves cartoon pajamas!

Walker sporting his Bulldog gear in anticipation of the Orange Bowl. 

Kenny's parents got lots of good snuggle time with Walker.  They had not seen him since Thanksgiving so he had grown a good bit.  Mrs. Ann even gave us the greatest gift by offering to do a whole night of feedings on New Years Eve so we were able to meet some friends who were in town for some New Year's Eve festivities.  It is so much easier to enjoy a few drinks when you don't have a two o clock feeding looming over your head.  Post on our fun night to come!
I took this picture of Walker and Ann right before I left for New Years Eve and looked at it all night. I love his little sleepy smirk and how happy he looks.
Pop Pop got in on the cuddles too.

Apart from getting out for New Year's Eve, we spent most of the rest of our time relaxing and watching college football games.  Kenny and I took Elle to see the new Annie movie which she enjoyed and I thought it was all messed up.  It was a great holiday visit to Fairhope.  Always low key and relaxing.  

Post on New Years Eve to come next!  

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