Monday, January 26, 2015


Last week we pretty much spent the entire week celebrating Elle's fourth birthday.  Wednesday I brought cupcakes to her class.  Then Thursday was her actual birthday.  We had a very big surprise for her being delivered to the house so we planned a little Tupelo getaway to one of her favorite places, Chucky Cheese!
 This was my collage that I posted on Instagram.  Sweet girl, my how she has grown.  I say this all the time but there are no more traces of the baby she once was.  She is a real little girl now. Even just seeing how much she has changed from her birthday last year to this year.

I did not take a whole lot of pictures from Chucky Cheese but she was so excited to go and we all had a good time.  Walker even seemed to enjoy all the bright colors and energetic music.
Daddy and Elle playing a game that I am sure in a few years will look even 
more prehistoric than it already does.

So like I said before while we were at Chucky Cheese we had a company deliver and assemble Elle a new swing set.  We are so excited but it was so sad.  The entire week of Elle's birthday we had the most beautiful weather where we played outside and took walks.  It was so pretty.  Then we finally get our swing set delivered and this freezing cold rainy weather moved it.  Elle wanted to play on her swing set so bad and we had to make her come inside because the weather was just too yuck. It broke all of our hearts.  But we know nice weather is just around the corner and by that time Walker will be big enough to enjoy a nice baby swing too!
Enjoying her swing set for five minutes before the weather was just unbearable.

Friday night my sister and Kenny's parents got into town late afternoon (my mom came in town that night) and we all went out for an early Hibachi dinner.  Elle loves to go and "watch the man cook." Then it was home and bedtime.
 Daddy and Elle.

Then Saturday morning it was birthday party time. We had Elle's birthday party at the gymnastic gym she attends.  It is an extremely popular birthday party venue for Starkville but in January it is not like you have a lot of options.  The kids absolutely love it.  It is also a no frills kind of place which makes for easy planning and set up. When I was planning the party I sat down with Elle on Oriental Trading's website and showed her all the different plates and napkins and she chose Frozen.  Done and done!
 The table all ready for the kids.  I did paper crowns with the Frozen plates and napkins.
 Fun Olaf balloon for the birthday girl's chair.
Party favor table.  Elle's little friend and classmate's mother does these amazing sugar cookies.  They taste wonderful and are always o beautiful.  So everyone got a big decorated 4 cookie and a magic wand along with the crowns.
 Walker felt a bow tie was necessary for Elle's celebration.
 Elle posing with her fluorescent pink cake.  It blends in with the table cloth picture.  The bakery copied one of the pink cakes on her invitation.  It was strawberry and delicious.
Elle sliding down one of the jumps with friends.

 Jumping in the foam pit.
 Walking the balance beam with Daddy.
Look at that pouty face. She was worried she was going to fall!

Getting ready for chicken nuggets and Cheetos and cake!  Elle was so excited to have a birthday party so she could have Cheetos at her party.  I don't know where she gets these things!

 Blowing out the candles. My sweet four year old baby girl.
 And I had to include this picture because this is the only picture I am in.  Just absolutely kicking myself for not taking a family picture at the very least. Oh well.  I hope she knows despite me not being in any of the pictures that I enjoyed planning this simple birthday party for her and I was delighted to get to see her enjoy celebrating with friends and family. Love you Elle!

Birthday party success.  She was totally wiped out.  

The rest of the weekend we spent opening Elle's gifts playing with new toys, cooking out with family and just hanging out.  I know Elle felt loved with all of her people around her.  It was a fantastic birthday celebration!

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