Tuesday, July 7, 2015


We enjoyed our Fourth of July weekend so much! Friday morning Kenny and Elle packed up and went to Columbus with Mr. Craig (Kenny's partner-sells motion) so that they could grill out and throw the employees of two accounts a BBQ to celebrate the holiday. Kenny had been out of town for business most of the week so Elle was super thrilled to go to work with Daddy and Mr. Craig! She was a great little helper and came home tired!
Elle and Mr. Craig meal prepping for the account.

Saturday was the actual Fourth of July and we stayed in our pajamas all morning and relaxed at home. We colored and watched Little House on the Prairie.  I made two appetizers for the party and got everything ready to go for the party.  That afternoon our friends met at our house and we had a large passenger van pick all of us up to take us out to Old Waverly in West Point.  We wanted to be safe driving to and from and able to enjoy a cocktail or two too. Plus Elle thought it was the best thing ever!
The back of the bus!
Elle was enjoying the ride next to me on the front row.

The rest of the front row.

The party was at our good friend Margaret's parent's house.  We spent our Fourth of July there last year and it is so perfect.  Their house is on the 16th green.  It is beautiful and once it gets dark we just walk out to the green and watch Old Waverly's great firework show from there. No hassle and no traffic. Once we got there we started snacking on yummy appetizers and sipping on cucumber jalapeno margaritas that I made. The kids went right to playing and having so much fun. We had barbecue for dinner and the kids had hot dogs.

Taking a break inside and doing some coloring.
Walker goofing off with Kenny.
My friend Emily makes this beautiful flag cake every year.  It is so delicious too!

When it started to get dark we all headed outside and Marget had bought these cute glowstick flags and headbands and things. We all walked out to the green and waited for the show.

Me and my sweet all American girl!
The girls watching the fireworks

Kenny and Elle loving the finale.
All the grown up girls

Sunday morning we rested again after getting home very very late the night before.  Sunday afternoon we went over to Craig and Ava's house (they live in our neighborhood now) to swim and watch the Women's World Cup Final. The USA team won so it was extra exciting.  It was a fun night to end a great weekend!
Kenny and Walker loading up to head to Ava's.  No sir Walker!

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