Monday, July 6, 2015


Before I post a humongous post on the Fourth of July weekend I wanted to post a few random pictures.  Pictures that were just too cute to not post but totally random pieces of our slow and easy summer days. 

First up! Here is Walker.  I will talk more about this in his 8 month update but he flat out refused baby food purees so we jumped into baby led weaning and he is so happy about it! I am not sure how much food he is actually ingesting but oh my goodness he loves big boy food so much! And I cannot resist taking pictures of him covered in his messy glory.
Avocado is one of his faves!
Cheesticks are another fave.

Also in big boy news, Walker has graduated from his infant car seat to a a more permanent seat! I know he is happy to have the space and is more comfortable.  I am a car seat stickler so he will be rear facing until 2.  That is my goal! 
Happy boy!

We started watching Little House on the Prairie with Elle and now she is a little braid obsessed.  I am enjoying them too.  I think they are so sweet! She is begging me to braid them one night when she gets out the bath so she can have curly hair in the morning.  
My little Laura Ingalls.

Elle has been sneaking into our bed on a nightly basis. We know it is a bad habit but she won't be little forever so we are letting it happen for now.  We secretly love it.  I snapped this sweet picture of Kenny and Elle sleeping.
Sleeping loves!

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