Wednesday, February 8, 2017


This past weekend was the perfect mix of friends, family and fun. Friday afternoon, my friend Jennifer texted me and asked if I minded picking up her daughter Mary Kenway from school and dropping her home.  I happily agreed but also knew that Elle was not going to have just a car ride. So I invited Mary Kenway over for an unexpected after school playdate. The girls were super surprised and excited when they got into the car and since it was Friday I took them for some ice cream before we went home!
Yummy ice cream at the Churn and Spoon!

I took this picture Saturday morning of Walker after he came 
padding into my room with his books and wanted to get up on the chair to read.
On Saturday my friend Mary Martha was in town with her girls-one who was a sweet friend to Elle. They moved to Columbus in August and we have been missing them! A group of moms and our girls met them at Chick Fil A to let them play and eat lunch and so we could catch up. It was fun and Elle was happy to see Miriam!
Enjoying their lunch! Elle, Mary Kenway, Miriam and Collier.

While we were at Chick Fil A, Kenny and Walker went out on the golf course, had some lunch and then he put Walker down for a nap before we headed over to campus for the men's basketball game. We haven't been able to make very many basketball games this year for some reason but we were glad to get to go to this one and this was the first one to take Walker since he has gotten a lot older. We weren't sure how he would do but thought he would like it.  And he really really loved it.  We ended up having a great time! We were playing Tennessee and they were beating us badly but the second half we came back and we ended up winning the game so it was really exciting and fun to cheer on the Bulldogs! Hopefully we can make it to a few more games before the season is over.
Getting settled into our seats.
Walker brought Elmo along.
Of course we got some popcorn and that kept him happy for a while.
He loves popcorn just like his sister and Daddy.
Elle enjoying some snacks and cheering on the players.
Selfie with my girl.

Sunday evening we went over to Jay and Margaret's for a big Super Bowl party. We were happy to bring Elle and Walker with us and they had fun and the grown ups had fun eating and watching the game. Atlanta looked like they were going to tromp the Patriots but the Patriots came back and won in overtime. It was a pretty crazy game
The kids table!
Hanging out on the Cook's bed watching a movie.
Sippy and quality time with Jay.
And I have to include this pictures because it is so funny to me. Walker really didn't want too much with the girls most of the night. I think they just overwhelmed him. At one point he agreed to sit on the bed though and Katherine couldn't resist playing with his hair.  And this was his face.

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