Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Thought I would do a quick weekend recap-photo dump of the last few days! Here we go!

Unfortunately this is a very common scene at our house.  He asks for a snack and then refuses to accept it in an age appropriate snack cup and wants it in the container it comes in.  So we give in and then he dumps them all over the floor. Almost every single time.  It is insanely frustrating but we have finally caught on and he no longer gets anything but a snack cup. Stinker!
Evaluating the mess he made.

It has been warm enough to play outside some days and Walker and I spent one morning outside.  My goodness I look old and tired in these pictures but can't not post them because Walker man is so cute in them! His hair had gotten so long and we just got a haircut on Monday.  He could barely see through his hair!
Playing outside with my sweet boy!
Took Momma's chair and her magazine.

On Thursday night Kenny and I attended a Young Life Banquet for Starkville's Young Life.  We hosted a table and it was a really fun night!

Young Life Committee

Saturday morning Elle and I went to a birthday party for a sweet friend of hers named Audrey. It was a small cute birthday party. They took polaroid pictures and decorated them, played games, ate cake and ice cream and then took a bunch of silly pictures.
Decorating their polaroid pictures. Now I want a polaroid camera!
Group picture with props!
Elle and the birthday girl. Sweet friends.

That afternoon we attended our friends little boy's third birthday party. It was a fiesta at one of our mexican  restaurants and was lots of fun!
I love Walker in the background eating his sucker.
We went over to our friends the Holditches house Saturday night for a cookout and wine corking! 
We love our Napa group!

Sunday afternoon it was a cool and sunny day and we went to see the Bulldogs play some baseball.  It was our first game of the season and lots of fun.  The kids are especially invested this year because Miss Lacey is a diamond girl and her sweet boyfriend, Cole, who has hung around a few times with the kids some plays first base.  I have to agree cheering for one of the players does make it extra fun! Plus we sit right on the first base so we have a optimal view.
Picture with Daddy before heading to our seats.
Selfie with my baseball loving boy!
Selfie with my girl!

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