Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Elle came home from school for Christmas Break saying her tooth was loose.  Upon our own wiggling we found that her bottom front tooth was indeed loose.  I thought for sure she would have it out before she went back to school a few weeks later but that pesky tooth held in there until last week! She had been working on getting ready for a while and we knew it would be soon. Kenny and I both teased her about not being ready for her to loose a tooth and we were partly serious! Just another big sign that she is really growing up. On Tuesday she came home to tell us that Mrs. Hunt had checked her tooth and told her to come back the next day for her to pull it. Mrs. Hunt is another one of the Kindergarten teachers who is known for pulling kids of all ages teeth!

The next day I got a text and a picture from her teacher Mrs. Kristi! It was official! She lost her first tooth! I may of shed a tear or two! But I was so proud of how brave she was to let Mrs. Hunt pull it at school and I am sure she loved the attention! Below is the picture I received from Mrs. Kristi.  I know her and I can tell she isn't exactly sure what to think and she even looks a bit pale.  But when she came to get in the car that afternoon she was so excited to tell us her news and for the tooth fairy to come that night!
Toothless and brave! I love the sticker and tooth necklace.
So excited to show me where her tooth used to be when she got in the car at carpool!

This sticker cracks me up!

My sister ordered Elle the cutest tooth fairy pillow to put her tooth in but she lost the tooth before it arrived so we improvised and just stuck her tooth under her pillow and it worked! The tooth fairy still came! Since it was her first tooth, she left 5 whole dollars and a note covered in glitter introducing herself!

Now we are anxiously awaiting the next tooth to fall out.  She already has another one loose that I would guess falls out in the next few days!

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