Tuesday, February 14, 2017


This weekend was a big weekend.  One that we knew would eventually come about when Elle was born! The infamous Daddy Daughter dance! We found out about the Daddy Daughter dance a few months ago and were excited about the super sweet theme of a Sock Hop. I immediately got online to start looking for a poodle skirt for Elle and was so happy when I easily found on Amazon that include a cute scarf and even some 50s inspired glasses. Elle loved it and put it on as soon as it arrived and then I tucked it away so it would be ready for her to wear this weekend.  For Kenny's outfit I knew he would not want to go too over the top so I ordered him a simple black t-shirt and a pair of tube socks and he ended up rocking his look.

Saturday afternoon before the big dance we attended a birthday party for one of Elle's little guy friend's that is in her class.  Garrison and Elle were in Pre-K and now Kindergarten together.  The party was at the movie theatre where they had cake and ice cream and opened presents and then went to see the new Lego Batman movie.  I stayed for the movie and sat a few rows back with a friend. 
Getting ready to go in to watch the Batman Lego movie.
Silly faces.
Pretty sure she told them to act like puppies in this one.

Once we got home we ordered a pizza to have a quick dinner and then it was time to get dressed. I made sure to a lot plenty of time for pictures.  I pretty much couldn't get over how cute she looked! 
My little 50s girl!

Time for Daddy to be in on the action.

Practicing their moves.

Right before they were off. Walker wanted in the picture 
and Elle was completely over the pictures at this point.

I got a few texts from Kenny while they were there and then of course got the full report when they got home. They had lots of fun! Kenny say it was pretty chaotic with so many little girls! They were all running around playing and dancing with each other. The dads stood around the sides of the room and talked and then a slow dance would come on and all the little girls would find their daddy's and dance with them.  The dance was two hours long and they both game home after picking up an ice cream happy and tired!
Elle with one of her friends and classmates Audrey Caroline.
Elle, Cate, Audrey, Aubrey and Ella
Cute picture in front of the dance backdrop.
End of the night picture with Daddy after a slow dance.  

Ice cream on the ride home.
A huge hug before I took her up to bed where she fell asleep immediately!

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