Thursday, June 15, 2017


We went down to Seaside last week for our annual beach vacation with my mom and sister. We stayed in the same house that we have stayed in for the last few years that is perfect for our needs and right across the street from the pool which was convenient for us this year because our kids preferred the pool to the beach this time. Which is only mildly humorous to us since we live at the pool when we are home! Of course you know me and you know I took lots of pictures so I will have a few posts on our trip coming up!  

We ended up not leaving for the beach until early Saturday morning because Kenny played in the night golf tournament on Friday night. But we went a different way down and made really good time and got there a little after lunch on Saturday. So after grocery shopping we hit up the pool and then went to eat at Market Cafe in our cover ups before going to bed early. 
Kenny took this picture of me and the kids walking to the pool!

Sunday was a nice and sunny day. So we got in some good beach time. Kenny and I weren't careful enough with the sunscreen and got a little burned. Kenny ended up peeling the whole week from the first day which was funny!
Elle jumping the waves.
CeCe made a track in the sand for Walker to run his cars on.
That night we showered and actually went out to eat. Any time we go out to eat at the beach we go super early and this was the first year that we actually enjoyed ourselves at dinner the couple of nights we went out. The first night  we went to one of our favorite restaurants where we like to sit outside so there isn't as much for the kids to behave! 
A decent family picture on the first night! Hooray!
A windy evening but a group shot with everyone after dinner!
A sweet picture of just my baby boy!

Had to include this one since it is such cute picture and then Walker has his finger in his nose.
CeCe and Nannee with the kids.
Elle is into doing bunny ears in pictures lately. So I get 
a normal pictured then we have to do bunny ears.
Nannee and Elle picking out a book at Sun Dog books.
Wild boy.
 Sweet boy and me.
I took this picture of Kenny because the cart seemed so little with tall Kenny in it!

The next day was kind of cloudy so we went to the pool for a little while and then it started raining so we went into town for some lunch at Pickles. Then that afternoon when it cleared up we headed to the pool.
Waiting on our food at Pickles.

Two peas in a pod at the pool.
This kid was way into the snacks more than anything else.
Walking with Daddy on the way home from the pool.

After dinner we ran over to Modica to get some cake to enjoy while we watched the play the theatre group puts on in the amphitheater every week. This year the play was pinocchio and Elle and Walker were into it but then it started pouring in the middle of it and we had to rush back to the golf cart and head home.  Luckily we had not gotten into our cake yet and that was a happy diversion when we got back to the house!
Family picture while we waited on Pinnochio to start.

Walker and CeCe taking it in.

Nanee and Walker
The stage set for the play.

Ready to eat some cake. Love how Walker is smiling at the cake!

Modica cake is the best!

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