Friday, June 16, 2017


The next couple of days were kind of rainy so we just hunkered down and made the best of it. CeCe and Elle made their big breakfast for all of us one morning since it is tradition. Walker even got in on the action a little bit too. They always make pancakes and bacon and they made some eggs for us on this morning too.
Stirring the pancake batter.
Walker doing some supervising.

So since it was going to rain all day we decided we needed to get out of the house for an outing. We drove into to Destin to take everyone bowling. The traffic was pretty bad so it took about an hour to get there but we had so much fun! Elle loved the games and was sad to leave and even Walker was able to get in on the action a good bit. We all got a good competitive game going. I was not good at all. Elle won the first round and somehow CeCe beat everyone and won the second round much to Kenny's dismay. After a few hours at the bowling alley we came back to Seaside and headed into town for happy hour and a early dinner at Great Southern and then a concert by our favorites Huck and Lily. Elle made some friends in the ampitheatre and ran around with them some and then was ready to come home and go to bed. For a rainy day at the beach it was a really fun day!
Waiting our turn to buy our lane and rent the shoes.
Ready to bowl!
More bunny ears!

Family pic at the bowling alley.
Elle used the bumpers for a while and then asked for us to take them off and she really did awesome without them. All of our arms were tired by the time we left.
Happy girl rockin her shoes and her bowling game!
Getting some pointers from Daddy.
Walker and Daddy working together on getting that bowl down the lane.
The bowling shoes were reason enough for a photo op.
Nannee had lots of fun bowling too.
Sweet moment.
Couldn't get over Walker in his shoes!

Happy hour at Great Southern!

Crazy girl just like her Daddy eating up some hot sauce. We had to
 get her some milk though after this.
Waiting on Huck and Lilly with their Duckies scores.
Frozen yogurt before we left for home!

The same kitty who came to see us at the other house we stayed in for Spring Break found us here too and the kids just loved when he came to visit. He was so tolerant of all their loving!
Loving on the kitty!

It was a little cloudy that day but we still made it down to the beach for a little while.
Enjoying some playtime under the umbrella.
Elle reading her new book that Nannee got her.
Filling up his watering can.

Sandy feet.

Family picture on the beach right as the sun came out and then promptly set.

That evening my mom made my favorite meal (enchiladas of course) and we all stayed in to watch the new Beauty and the Beast movie. Walker tried to make it to dinner time but he was so tired and ended up falling asleep on the couch before he could even eat. I felt so bad.
We tried to get him to wake up so he could eat but no luck.
Passed out.
We went to breakfast at Bud and Alleys the next morning 
and the kids loved the big bowls of fruit loops they had!

Nannee and Walker picking out trucks and planes at Duckies one night.

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