Wednesday, June 28, 2017


On Wednesday my friend Lorin called me up to ask if I wanted to go with her and her kids to their lake house on Smith Lake. Lorin's daughter, Emily and Elle have been in school together since preschool and are sweet friends and were also in the same group this past week at camp. Then Lorin's sister in law was coming with her little boy who is almost 3 and her 4 month old baby girl. So I knew Walker would have someone his age there too. Kenny would be in Tampa and this was a momma and kid trip and I decided to accept the invitation and go! This might of been the first time I traveled on my own with both the kids where I didn't go to a family member's house. So Friday afternoon after camp we loaded up and drove the two and a half hours to their lake house. I was excited to spend some time on Smith Lake since Kenny and I day dream of having a place there. Their house was gorgeous and we grilled hamburgers and fresh corn for dinner. Lorin's family owns a family so we eat  really well with them! 

On Saturday we expected it to rain because Tropical Storm Cindy was still moving through but it was a little rainy and cloudy in the morning and then it moved out and it turned out to be a beautiful day! 
Elle and Emily checking out something on the iPad.

Caught these two helping each other with sun screen application.
Gearing up in her life jacket. 

Cloudy morning but still pretty!
We swam off the dock when we first got down to the boathouse.
Then it was time to get on the boat. Walker was excited to ride!
Trying to get a picture of the three of us but my arms just aren't long enough.

Cool girls relaxing on the boat ride.

Brother and sister loving the pretty day and the boat ride.

Walker still doesn't know how to hold himself up right in his puddle jumper so I got in with him whenever we would stop. We had to take a picture to sent to Daddy in Tampa!
Elle on the other hand had no fear swimming in the water. She had fun with Emily!

Elle tried her hand at all their water toys. This pedal kayak was a little hard for her but she still tried!

After a long day on the water we came in and got the kids bathed and then Lorin made catfish nuggets for the kids with catfish from their catfish ponds and fresh corn. Then Lorin made this ice cream sandwich dessert that the kids enjoyed out on the porch. Then we got them to bed. Elle was especially exhausted after a week of camp, going to bed really really late Friday night and then a full day on the water!
Enjoying their ice cream treat!

On Sunday we slept in which means about 7 AM for us and then we got up and drank coffee and cooked breakfast and had a lazy morning. It was actually rainy and cloudy in the morning when it was supposed to be sunny. Once it cleared up we went down to the dock thinking we would get on the boat and go for a ride for a while but the kids were so content swimming and playing off the dock and using the water toys that we ended up doing that all day. We were able to come back up to the lake house for lunch and then go back down and eventually we packed up and got on the road for home. It really was such a fun weekend and I am so glad I decided to go on my own without Kenny! Walker is finally getting to the age where its not as hard to travel with him and we are actually starting to realize how laid back he is in settings like that! Elle has told me several times how much fun she had!
Cuddling in the bed and trying to keep them somewhat quiet so they didn't wake everyone up!
Elle taking a ride on the paddle board with Caroline.
Getting the water a little slow because it was cooler on this day.
Walker and his new friend J playing with all the noodles.
My sweet boy making his way up to the bakehouse for lunch.
Elle trying her hand at paddling a kayak. She did pretty well!

Enjoying  snack.

Lorin took this picture and I love it!
Even I got in on the water sports.

It was a great weekend and we got home just in time for bed on Sunday. We all slept so hard that night and were happy to be home!

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