Thursday, June 14, 2012


- I am so excited to have found a drink that I like at Starbucks.  I do enjoy their hot chocolates and sometimes their yummy coffees but I don't drink caffeine and some of it can be very high calorie.  While at the beach I discovered that I really like Iced Nonfat Chai Tea Lattes.  Yum! I think the tea might have a little bit of caffeine in it...not sure but it doesn't make me feel wired or hurt my stomach.

- While we really did have the BEST vacation last week.  Going to the beach with a late walking ( as in not walking just yet) toddler was H-A-R-D.  She just wants to be able to crawl everywhere and when we have to stop her she throws the biggest tantrums.  One morning Elle threw an EPIC fit after only being down on the beach a half hour.  Kenny and I had to bring her back to the condo where she literally laid on the floor  and screamed for another half hour.  Going to be an honest mommy and tell you I might have locked myself in the bathroom and shed some tears out of frustration. 

- I am still loving Viggle! I have close to 80,000 points.  I can't decide if I want to try and save up for something big or get a bunch of gift cards. If you are using the app what have you been doing with your points?

- Elle is in a little bit of a phase right now.  EXTREME separation anxiety and kind of fussy.  I think she might be cutting her molars and that could be part of the problem but the separation anxiety has me totally freaked that she won't be able to go to PDO next week since the Bible School nursery was a total bust this week.

- I gained some weight while on vacation.  When I first weighed myself when I came back it was dismal.  But I think some of it was a little bloat.  After a couple days I think I gained 4lbs.  Which still really stinks.  But like Kenny pointed out, its better than adding the 4lbs onto our original weight.  We are now back on the wagon and carbs and sugar have been banned again.  We go to Las Vegas in a little over a month.  I want to feel great going into that trip too.

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