Friday, June 15, 2012



I won't go into every crazy detail but it has been a crazy week.  Between getting back from vacation and being totally out of whack, VBS, separation anxiety, teething and a temper tantrum phase we are going through, I am looking forward to a night out with a friend for dinner and a movie tonight.  

Then after all that we wake up to find Elle's little face all swollen.  I thought a mosquito bit her on the face yesterday on our walk but after seeing how it looked when she woke up this morning, we decided to take her to the doctor.  I was afraid it was a spider bite.  It was and it is infected.  Poor thing.  So we are now on heavy antibiotics and ointment.  I am just so glad I trusted my instints and decided to take her in.  
This is how it looked when she woke up.
This is her after I got home from VBS.  Sooooo much worse.  Gah.  I feel terrible.

And here is a pretty unexciting photo dump. But I wanted to include the pictures for memory sake.
Elle and I went out for a little Christian chicken (Chick Fila) after VBS.  Seemed appropriate.
Then her day was made when this little old man gave Elle a balloon.  She loves her a balloon.
Elle wanted to take her baby along for a quick errand.  I am loving her being into her baby doll.
Elle was not having the nursery so I kept her with me at my station 
and all the little girls were loving her.  
After these pictures I decided it is time to get Elle some pretend food to put in her shopping cart.  
I loved playing with pretend food and the kitchen when I was little.

This was the last day that I brought Elle to VBS and the kids practically swarmed her.  
She was loving it.  I was a bit nervous.

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