Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We arrived home last night from a week long vacation at the beach (Seagrove, FL) with LOTS to unpack, decent suntans and a relaxed mind frame.  We had a really great time and I was thrilled that Elle seemed to love the beach.  

We ate yummy dinners in some nights and dined at delicious restaurants other nights.  We walked every morning, usually to Seaside to get coffee and a couple of times for breafkast and mimosas.  We stopped for ice cream at night and watched movies and built sand castles and jumped over waves (Elle's fave) and read books.  All in all it was a pretty perfect vacation and one we plan to repeat every year.  

Picture overload next!
Nannee and Elle at the Red Bar the first night we were in town.  I was not missing those crab cakes.

First day on the beach.  Was so relieved that she didn't seem to mind the sand.  The waves were her favorite though.  Kenny would take her out in the water to jump over waves and she would squeal and point at them as they were coming.  Definitely a beach baby.  She was not having the pool the one day we tried to do that.
Enjoying a little lunch and relaxation in a beach chair.
Family photo.One of my favorite pictures from the week.  

Out to eat at Great Southern.  We ended up eating there a few times between breakfast and dinners.
Family photo on another night out.
Mom and daughters.
Elle started giving big "muah" kisses while we were there. Daddy can't get enough of them.
Went out on the last day to say goodbye to the beach and got stuck in the rain.  Had to dry off.
The last full day it was cloudy but we still had fun reading and playing in the sand.
Daddy and daughter.  
This is what she wanted to do most of the time.  Crawl around in circles on the shore.  Then she would throw a fit when we had to stop her from heading straight into the ocean.  Next year will be easier when she is walking.

It rained once afternoon and this was the gorgeous rainbow from our balcony.  You can kind of see a second one too.
And this is what my house looks like now.  That was just one room.  Honestly, the whole house might of looked like that we because we SERIOUSLY overpacked.  It was ridiculous.  I have managed to unpack everything but my pile which is still sitting in the front room.  Hopefully it will be gone by the end of the day.

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