Friday, September 7, 2012


So after a fantastic night camping we headed back to Seattle in the morning to spend the rest of our vacation with Susan and Andrew and John who is now five months old.  I was happy to get baby cuddles all weekend and quality time with a bestie who lives across the country.

On Saturday since Kenny and I were kind of worn out from The Gorge we decided to just hang out in Upper Queen Ann.  That is where Susan and Andrew live and  I am obsessed with it.  The views, the shops, the pedestrian lifestyle, the ice cream shop that has the most amazing flavors.  I want to move there yesterday. Plus the people in Seattle and Queen Anne are sooooo nice and friendly.  Everyone is young, has a dog and a baby it seemed like. 

That night we relaxed and grilled out and watched football.  Mississippi State won their first game! Go Bulldogs!
This view overlooking Mt. Rainier, the beautiful city of city of Seattle, the Space Needle and one of the many gorgeous lakes around there is about a 5 minute walk from their house.  
Out for a walk. Different day. Same view.

Sunday, we braved the crowds downtown and did a little sight seeing.  We went down to Pikes Place Public Market and ate at this little restaurant called Lowell's overlooking the water that we visited last time I was in Seattle.  They have amazing clam chowder that I was dying for Kenny to experience. And we found out their fish and chips were awesome too.
Can we just call this "the dress of the summer." I have worn it over and over and on every single vacation.  Love. Wasn't the weather just gorgeous?

That night Susan and Andrew got a babysitter and the four of us all went to dinner at this fabulous little restaurant called The Pink Door.  We sat on their patio overlooking the water and the Ferris wheel on the pier and watch the sunset. The pictures don't do the view justice. It was a fun night catching up with their friends.  I am past hoping they move back to Memphis.  We are just going to move to Seattle!
Telling you.  Pictures don't even begin to capture it.
Me sipping on my thyme Moscow mule.  
Now if you notice in this picture Susan is holding my Moscow mule.  That is because promptly after each of us taking a sip of each drink we decided we liked the other person's drink better and switched.  No big thang.
 Susan and Andrew

On our last day in Seattle before catching a horrendous red eye flight back to Memphis, we grabbed some breakfast and then decided to be complete tourists.  We booked some tickets on the Ride The Ducks.  It was so fun.  We saw a lot of Seattle and then got to take a cruise in Lake Union where I saw the real Sleepless In Seattle houseboat. Cool right?
Kenny bought us all some quackers.  So we had to take silly pictures.
View from the water on Lake Union.  It was chilly but I loved all the houseboats 
and parks we saw from there.
After the tour we stopped in the very first Starbucks ever to buy some souvenirs and Kenny ordered his first pumpkin spice latte of the season from there.  Neat.

It really was a fantastic vacation for so many reasons.  While it was tough to come back to Memphis with a heat index of 100 degrees, we were still thrilled to pick Elle up from Parents Day Out.  We missed her so much.  She was so excited when she saw us come through the door.  We brought her lots of presents from our trip.

And just have to say we are so grateful to my mom for taking such good care of Elle while we are gone.  We are so lucky to have my mom, my sister and Kenny's parents who love spending time with Elle so Kenny and I can have quality time together!

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