Monday, September 10, 2012


This week Mississippi State squared off against Auburn. With it being an 11:00 game we thought it would be a great opportunity to take Elle and see how she liked it and held up. 

All in all it was a fantastic day spent as a family.  While the morning games do make it a bit tough to get everyone ready and out of the house ( the rain didn't help either) Elle was a trooper and I am thrilled to say we were able to watch every single minute of our team beat Auburn 28-10!  Please know it was not easy and most of the third quarter was spent walking back and forth watching Elle walk in the breezeway above our seats. Thank goodness for our humongous jumbo tron because I still was able to see most of the game that way.

Below is what you will might call picture overload.  But since this blog serves as my only mode of scrap booking then just bear with me.
Enjoying a muffin at the tailgate before the game.  Needed to fuel up in 
order to get ready for all the excitement.
Elle received a cowbell for Christmas but this was really the first time she played with it.  
Can I just say that it made me so happy to see her ringing that cowbell.  I can't really 
say she "respected the bell" but hopefully no huge penalties were incurred.  And thankfully 
this kept her pretty happy through the first quarter.
Third quarter.  Elle and I spent most of the time walking back and forth, back and forth.  
She is still loving all this walking stuff and wants to get her practice in.  I have to admit it 
was pretty cute watching her waddle along in that cute little dress and like I said I still got to watch most of the game while we did so.

Start of the fourth quarter we thought we were about to have to leave until this little girl and Elle became besties. Thank goodness for this little girl! She entertained Elle and Elle was just mimicking her and they were cheering and dancing.  We were so happy they were having fun and were so happy to get to stay until the very end.  I was sure to thank the little girl and her mother for being so very sweet to our little girl and making her first game really special.
 Elle was soooooooo tired.  She only naps in her crib, pack n play and her car seat.  She fell 
asleep on Kenny while we walked out of the stadium.  All the fun totally wiped her out.
When we got back to the tailgate Kenny sat down and took advantage of the 
napping.  We needed her to sleep as long as possible if we were going to get to stay at 
the tailgate. Don't worry I brought him a plate of snacks and a drink.  Luckily she did nap 
for a little while and seemed to wake up with a second wind.

Photo shoot with Frances.  He is 8 months old and is our friends' Megan and Patrick's 
little boy. We share a condo with them for all the games so Elle and Frances 
will be great friends as they grow up going to games.  
 We walked down to a little noodle bowl restaurant in the Cotton 
District for dinner Saturday night.  Elle was perusing the menu.

 Then she remembered how tired she was.
Enjoying a PB sandwhich and some reading on the way home 
from Starkville.  We were all still so tired.

So taking a 20 month old to a extremely loud football game and all day tailgate party is a whole lot of work but depending on the times of the game we will definitely do it again.  Kenny and I loved sharing our love for Mississippi State with Elle and can't wait to make more memories with her there as she grows up.

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