Thursday, September 6, 2012


So obviously I have been a little absent from this blog.  But for some of it I have an excellent excuse.  Kenny and I went out West for an extended Labor Day weekend.  I know it seems like we travel a ton.  We planned this trip planned since I visited my friend Susan in January.  Then Kenny booked my trip to Las Vegas on a whim.  So we have been really busy this summer.  This trip takes the cake. 

We flew in to Seattle late Thursday night and got to Susan's house and just crashed.  Friday morning we were up bright in early to check off  a huge bucket list item for Kenny.  Go to The Gorge Amphitheatre! Now Kenny would of loved to see his favorite band ever.  You can click here to read about them) But we compromised and bought tickets to see the Dave Matthews Band. 

The drive from Seattle to the Gorge was one of the prettiest drives I have ever taken. We drove through huge mountains and passed tons of huge windmills in the desert once we were out of the mountains.

We had a hotel room booked for months but decided last week that it would be so much more fun to camp.  Good golly I am so glad we made that decision.  It was so gorgeous and we made lots and lots of friends with our neighbors.  People were so friendly there.  

The camping, the people, the concert, the WEATHER, the time spent with Kenny.  It all was beautiful and amazing.  I am so happy we were able to do it and can't wait to go back at some point.  The pictures don't really do the majesty of it all justice but I have to include some of these for memory sake.
The one bummer of the trip. We got a ticket on the way.  Despite kindly asking the guy not to give us the ticket, we still got one.  We were driving Susan's car so at least the Trooper didn't give us any grief about that.
Quickly got the tent all set up.  We bought this tent for Bonnaroo (we went for four years, a blog post in itself. Even I can't believe I lived through it) and it has held up so well for us.  We slept pretty comfortably.  The temperature went down to around 50 degrees but we stayed pretty warm with simple gear.
Gorgeous sky overlooking the canyons and some of our campground.
Taking it all in.
We took this picture pulling out of the campgrounds to leave on Saturday morning.  Isn't the sky the most brilliant blue.  I could camp here forever.
Walking into the venue you come up over this hill and have this "aaaaaaaaaaaaah" moment because it is so pretty. I promise it is so vast the pictures just don't do it justice.
Sun is starting to set.

Sun setting and waiting for Dave to start.  We were surprised to get to see The Avett Brothers open up. We liked them a lot.

Blurriest picture ever.  I think we can thank the guy sitting behind us who we made friends with.  He was having a really drunk good time. Still had to include it.


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How fun!!! I'm so jealous!