Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Dear Elle

It is 7:06 PM and I just put you down to sleep in your crib.  Before I put you down we read stories while you drank your milk.  You pointed out all the different animals in the story and we laughed and smiled at the gorilla letting all the animals at the zoo out of their cages.

After we finished reading I asked if you were ready to go night night and you shook your head yes.  Then you put your fingers to your lips and began to whisper night night...shhhhh.  I asked if I could have a hug and you snuggled into my arms and layed your head on my shoulders.  You moved your little hand so it was resting on my arm so that you could tap in unison as we rocked.  Then we rocked.

Oh how your daddy and I are eating up these affectionate times you are having lately. Your Daddy does bedtime most nights so I especially cherish these night time routines when I get them. You haven't always been this affectionate so to have you lay in our arms and let us rock you is just pure joy.  The whole world stops when you are in my arms like that.  I tear up every time because I know how much I will yearn for these moments one day.  My heart already aches just thinking about it.

So we just rock.  I rub your head and your back and whisper in your ear how much I love you.  I never want you to forget it.  I love you so much.  Daddy loves you so much.  You are our world right now. We want a brother or sister for you but right now there is only you and I am so incredibly grateful to have you. In my eyes you are my perfect little girl who is growing up so fast.

You didn't fall asleep tonight while I rocked you.  You never do.  So I can only hope you are enjoying your cuddles with me as much as I do. I quietly asked if you were ready to go night night again and you sat up and looked at me and shook your head yes only after leaning in to give me a kiss.

I picked you up, kissing your cheek, still whispering in your ear how much I loved you. I put you down in your crib handing you your paci and your lovey and finished tucking you in by covering you with a pink blanket that was mine as a baby. I turned off the light and blew you a kiss just like I always do and closed the door.

Good night my sweet little girl.  I hope one day you read this letter and realize how I never took a moment with you for granted.  We love you so much.


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