Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Click the MLS number above if you are like me and would totally love to peek inside someone's home and see how they have it decorated and what it looks like. I love looking at houses for sell for that exact reason. Come on! I know you are going to click.  Just promise you will spread the word that this cute little home is for sell and they will love it just as much as we do!

To the housing market we go.  Yes.  Our cute little precious house is on the market.  Kenny and I prepared the house to go on the market back in April and then decided at the last minute to not list it.  But we decided last week that we wanted to give it a go.  It is kind of an open ended situation.  We know we will most likely be moving away from Memphis.  We do not know where.  We do not know when.  We know nothing.  We are literally flying by the seat of our pants at this point. If it sells sooner rather than later who knows where we will end up.  It is all just a wait and see game.

I love our house.  It is is the first and only house Kenny and I have bought and it is where we brought home our first child.  It will always hold a special place in my heart and a place that holds so many memories.  I can only hope a new couple/family can enjoy it the way we have.

Last night we had our first showing. It was only up on the Internet for 24 hours so we were encouraged. . Originally our realtor called to ask if they could come between 8:15- 9:15.  I just laughed when he asked me.  We normally put Elle down at 7:30. They ended up changing the appointment to 5:30.    Let me tell you! It is serious work trying to get a house show ready when you have a toddler running around you.  Then you have to pile the entire family up in the car dog included.  Then, where do you go?  We ended up going to dinner but since it is so warm out we had to park right in front of the restaurant and leave the car running so Lena would stay cool. When we were done with dinner and headed back home the people were just pulling off when we turned on our street.  I guess it is a good thing that they stayed for a little while.  Although it is weird to have people going through your home.  I have to be honest, with an impending move and guests I don't know my OCD is a smidge out of control right now.  I hope things will be settled soon enough.

Until then we will just keep flying by the seat of our pants! I will be sure to keep all of my loyal readers updated!


Ashley said...

Your house looks great!!!

I am sure it will sell quick!! Best of luck!!

Claire Gillentine said...

How exciting! I will so be looking at the house...I love looking on MLS. You are one brave girl..just flying by the seat of your pants. Cannot wait to see where you might go.

Lauren Robinson said...

So this is COMPLETELY crazy, but if you plan on selling any furniture when you move, I am madly in love with your white sofa and tables. Or do you mind telling me where they're from? We are local so if you decided you wanted to sell anything we could make it happen :)

The Laceys said...

I will let you know if we decide to get rid of anything but we aren't planning on it at this point. I am flattered that you like it so much though!

The sofa is from Ethan Allen and is down and so comfy. The tables are from antique stores and the round one was a find at TJMaxx that I painted.