Monday, March 18, 2013


So once again I went another week without blogging.  I can blame some of it on us traveling to Hattiesburg for a couple of days with Kenny while he worked and staying with my mom. We arrived home in Starkville just in time to have an amazingly low key weekend.  Isn't the beginning of spring the best.  I feel like everything slows down a little and you are so happy the weather is nice.  We have just been taking it easy and trying to relax a little bit since life has been so crazy these past few months.  Here are just a few pictures of our life as late.  Many that you have probably seen on Instagram if you follow me. ( follow me @mallorylacey) So sorry for the repeats but I still want to have these snapshots of life to look back on in this blog.  

 Daddy came home just in time on Friday to catch a little Cinderella with Elle.  We are starting to take a lot of interest in the Disney princesses.  And has anyone watched that little Sofia the First cartoon.  Pretty cute.
 Nanee (Aunt Annie) sent Elle the cutest package of Easter treats that included this bunny sippy cup. Elle was so excited about all her happies and I think Annie just wanted to majorly rub it in that she still has a Target she can go to.  Just kidding.
 We have started a weekly Friday night Mexican night.  We go eat Mexican every Friday night.  We are trying all the different Mexican restaurants here in Starkville until we find the one that is our favorite.  And oh yes that is TWO bowls of cheese dip.  We don't play around.
 My project as of late. So many dvds! All the ones on the TV stand are my girly chick flicks.  Kenny and I love movies and we used to buy a whole lot of them.  Recently we have started buying them through Apple TV but we still have all these DVDs.  They take up waaaaaay to much room storage wise so I am working on putting them all into a giant cd case.  But it is taking me a whole lot of time because I am cutting out the covers for each one to go into the slots with the DVDs. Hopefully having them all in once condensed spot will make them more convenient.
 Saturday night we went to watch the Bulldogs play baseball against LSU.  Elle was so excited.  She talked about it all day and night until it was finally time to go to the game!  We lost but we still had lots of fun!
 We visited our first church on Sunday.  Elle let me take a picture of her before we went and even said cheese.  We really really like the church we visited and will returning soon for Easter Sunday.
 The upside of the time change (because believe me there has been a definite downside this year for some reason) is the extended evening hours. We are loving one of the porches on our condo.  A rocking chair and a swing! Two of Elle's favorite things!
Cute daddy,daughter moment that I caught spying through the window.

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