Friday, March 29, 2013


-HAPPY EASTER! I have been a total Easter slacker when it comes to festivities for Elle.  I feel terrible.  The poor girl hasn't seen an Easter Bunny, hunted for Easter eggs or dyed eggs.  Today I do plan on dying some eggs with her.  She will have a really cute and fun Easter basket, a beautiful Easter dress and we will be going to church on Sunday. So its not a total wash.  With the move and us being out of town every week for the past three weeks it all just snuck up on us.
But she did look pretty cute for PDO on Thursday and even 
let me take her picture with her Easter craft. Sweet girl.

-MOMMY TIP - If you are like our family and you download televisions shows to your iPhone to keep your preschooler entertained during car trips, late dinners or long doctors office waits then I have a tip for you! We have purchased A LOT of our episodes that Elle watches but I recently discovered on iTunes under the TV show tab you can click on Free TV episodes and every couple of weeks they have a new children's show episode. We have been able to download half hour episodes of Super Why, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and some others.  Pretty cool and I am always down for FREE!

I made these Spinach Turkey Meatballs Wednesday night and they were pretty delish and very simple to make.  Filling and tasty! I served them with brown rice and some roasted asparagus.  Which brings me to my next tip.

COOKING TIP- My asparagus went totally limp on me so I googled if there was anything I could do and I found a tip.  Cut off 1/4 of an inch (I just cut off the ends) and stick them in a glass of ice water and cover with a plastic bag for two hours and they should be fine.  This totally worked for me and the asparagus stiffened right back up and were totally declious.

Alright could that post been any more random! Have a great weekend!

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