Wednesday, March 27, 2013


We just had the BEST weekend in Fairhope. Kenny and his dad use to do a lot of sailing on the reservoir in Jackson and it had been years since they had put the boat in the water.  But how can you not have your boat in tip top shape and live in Fairhope so Kenny's dad put a lot of work into it and this weekend Kenny and his dad sailed in their first Regatta in a loooooooong time!  

While Kenny and his Dad sailed all day Saturday, Gramma and Elle spent some quality time together and I got to go shopping by myself in all the little shops in downtown Fairhope.  It was so amazing.  I even followed up the shopping with a manicure and pedicure. 

Downtown Fairhope.

After I shopped and Elle napped all the girls headed over to the yacht club to catch the guys coming in on the boat.  It ended up being a while so we had snacks and drinks at the bar which was fun. Then it was boat time!
 The boat right after the start of the race.
 The boat before it was put in the water.  It is named after the song The Wanderer.  
I think it is a pretty good name for a boat.
Out on the water looking for the wind.
 Watching Daddy sail in.  You can seem them coming in through the trees.
Elle was so excited!
 So proud of Daddy.  I love this picture!
Waiting on the race results.
And they won!!! After all those years they still got it! They won first overall and first in their category!  I have never see Mr. Ken so happy and Kenny was so excited too.  I was so happy for them!

After the award ceremony we grabbed a quick dinner at the yacht club and went home because we were all tired from the long and exciting day.

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast before we headed back to Starkville.  It was pretty day.  (Much better than Starkville. it is freeeeeeezing here!) Elle felt like doing a little posing after gobbling up her breakfast.


Elizabeth said...

LOVE that picture of Kenny and Elle by the boat. I see that being one she can have when she grows up. Classic! Very Kennedy-ish. ;)

The Fields Family said...

Cute pics! Elting is such a pretty little girl. We are spending Memorial Day in Fairhope with my family. Any suggestions of good places to go?

Delta Daisies said...

What a fun weekend!