Thursday, March 7, 2013


Well we made it! Finally it!  Elle and I arrived in Starkville Thursday evening.  It was around dinner time so we swung by my favorite haunt, City Bagel.  While their breakfast is my fave they have a really good dinner menu too.  Elle gobbled up their fancy macaroni and cheese.  

Pondering what life will be like in Starkville.

We couldn't start moving in to the condo until Friday morning and that is when the movers were coming too so after dinner we checked in to a hotel for the night.  Elle thought it was such an adventure! She was so wound up but having so much fun.  I learned that it is kind of hard to check into a hotel with a two year old when you have to unload and have your eyes on them the entire time.  So I had to make it look fun.  Cart ride!
Possibly watching a little Caillou during the ride.
 For one night you sure do have to pack a lot of things when you have kids.  And I only have one!
 A little less room on the way back in.

Friday morning we were up early to unload cars before we had to meet the movers at the storage unit.  This move went a lot better than the move into the storage units.  I would almost say it went perfect.  The movers made quick work of getting everything inside and were nice enough.  And once we opened all the boxes only a few minor things were broken.  I was worried about this huge glass lamp I have that we packed in a box but phew it made it!!

My sister came into town to see Elle and keep her company while my mom and I did a lot of the unpacking.  I am so grateful Annie came.  Elle was so happy to see her and she ended up helping organize a lot of things and unpacking boxes too.

Saturday morning with no food in the house.  We had to have the breakfast of moving champions! Doughnuts! From my beloved Shipley's no less.  The shop is within walking distance of our house.  Could be trouble.
 I love this picture.  Smile, doughnuts, Halloween pajamas.

 Ugg.  This is just this one room.  We managed to get most of it unpacked by the end of the weekend.  I can only live in chaos for so long.
Kenny arrived home Sunday evening.  Even though we didn't have a single bit of food in the house he ran out to get the essentials.  Ha!
 Yum! Abita Strawberry is the only beer that I look forward to drinking.  Part of it is the taste and the other part is that it means spring is coming and crawfish should be in my near future!
 Breaking in the new porch swing.
It seem appropriate that this was the first picture to be hung in the new place.  

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I loooove that photo of your first house!!!