Monday, June 3, 2013


We just got home from the beach a day ago and I am still on an emotional and relaxed high.  I have NEVER been so sad for a vacation to end.  I literally cried as we were leaving Sea Grove.  The past week was just amazing.  Kenny and I just had the best time with each other and with Elle. (and of course my mom and Annie) 

You see last year we took Elle to the beach at 15 months.  She should of been walking but she wasn't and while we had fun, it was pretty hard.  A lot more stuff to schlep to the beach for a baby than a 2 1/2 year old. Then it was just hard to keep her happy.  But at the age she is right now she is pretty much happy no matter what if we are outside and that definitely helped things on this trip.  We also rented a house off of 30A and having more space and a wonderful screened in porch is definitely the way to go!

We rented bikes and rode them everywhere we went which Elle couldn't get enough of.  She loved riding behind Kenny. You can reason with her and entertain her on dinners out, and she thoroughly enjoyed some of the things we went to at night that were geared towards children in the Seaside and Rosemary Beach area. And of course she loved playing on the beach and at the pool.   Gah it was just the best time ever. 

We took a ton of pictures.  So bare with me this week as I share our vacation with you.  I can't help but want to remember every bit of it. My apologies if you have already seen some of these pictures on Instagram.  Honestly, we took so many I only posted a few on social media with plans to put them all here.

We drove in on Saturday afternoon and pretty much went straight to the square at Seaside for a yummy dinner at Great Southern. (our absolute favorite go to) 
Having a drink in our shades and waiting on a table.  Just water for Elle.
After dinner there was a fun band playing at the amphitheatre that we decided 
to watch for a little bit before heading home.

Our first morning we biked in to Seaside to get some coffee before we headed to the beach.  Elle was so excited to get to the beach she wasn't really thrilled with having to wait.  Nor did she want to keep her cover up on. Ha!

Asking me why we couldn't go to the beach right away.
Elle and Daddy playing in the sand.  "Building castles."
Our family after dinner at Bud and Alley's Pizza.

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