Monday, November 25, 2013


We have been staying in town the last few weeks (which has been heavenly) and supporting our Bulldogs like crazy. We took Elle to our first basketball game as family and her first Mississippi State Basketball game ever.  We decided to get season tickets to basketball because we had a hunch that Elle would like all the action.  We were right! She loves it! She can spot Bully easily and enjoys watching the cheerleaders and dance squad.  Not to mention we ran into Deacon who is Rick Ray's son and she was excited to see her friend.  They were in the same class over the summer.

The game time was at 7.  That is normally her bedtime so she was a little cranky the next day but it was still worth it!
Mommy daughter selfie! This is the only way I can get a picture with her anymore. 
Please notice she could care less that I am trying to take a picture with her.
And this is the only way that I can take a picture of Elle and Kenny lately.  It has to be a 
candid moment where she doesn't realize I am taking her picture.  She is such a stinker 
when it comes to pictures lately!
Enjoying some popcorn at the game.  This bought us a few more minutes.  
She was getting tired and ready to go!
Our friend went and got us some Mississippi State ice cream 
from the club level and that made all of us really happy! Yum!

Then that weekend it was time for Mississippi State to face off against Alabama in football.  This is our last home game that Megan and Patrick and Frances came to stay.  We only have one home game left and that is the Egg Bowl on Thanksgiving Day.  We were so happy to see our friends since had been a little while.  The weather was totally yucky but Elle and Frances still had a ball playing together.
Sweet babies.  They aren't really babies anymore but still.  Aren't they sweet.

After playing all day and then tailgating all afternoon we expected to make it for five minutes of the first quarter of the game.  We were in for lots of surprises.  The Bulldogs were playing amazing against the National Champs and for once in her life Elle was pretty content to sit on our laps and take it all in.  The team kept it an extremely close game and somehow Elle held out until middle of the third quarter.  Then she started swaying in her seat.  She asked me for her "ah ah" which I did not have.  Her Cinderella barbie doll had to do.  She took Cinderella. We wrapped her up tight in our blanket because it was freezing and she curled up and passed out in my arms.  She NEVER does that! The Bulldogs lost but it truly was a great game and I was so proud of the team! It was a great night together as a family!
Elle and Kenny cheering.
Oh my goodness we all look so rough.  The weather was rainy and humid and then the wind was blowing so hard and it was freezing.  I was not dressed warmly enough and my hair was not happy.  
How we ended the night.  Exhausted.

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