Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I bought my friend Tracy and I two Justin Timberlake tickets way back in the summer as a 30th birthday present for her and maybe a little bit for me.  Her birthday was in July and mine is in August.  So it only made sense.  I went to Justin's Future Sex LoveSound concert years ago and was so amazed that I vowed to never miss another concert of his.  

I broke my no traveling rule in November/December for this one night.  I got in early Monday afternoon and we met a couple of other friends not going to the concert for an early girls dinner at Alchemy. It was delicious! Then it was time to head downtown!
Obligatory pic in front of the headliner.  We were so excited!
Selfie while we waited...and waited.  He didn't start until 9 which is close to my bed time.  

But then boy oh boy did he come!  He did an amazing show.  He played every single song in his catalog it seem.  At the very least all the popular ones.  He closed his first set with Cry Me a River which is a personal fave.  Then he sang all of his Future, Sex, Lovesound songs and then of course his 20/20 album.  He closed the show with Mirrors.  It was a three hour show ending at midnight but oh my lord what a fun concert.  It took me two days to recover!
He's coming! He's coming! I was screaming like a 12 year old. 
At one point this part of the stage detached and moved through and across the entire crowd.  It was awesome.  They rolled all the way to the end of the Forum and sang 5-10 songs right in front of us.  We were loving our seats even more at that point.
Still singing right in front of us!

It was a fantastic way to ring in our 30th birthdays! 

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Anonymous said...

The BEST way to spend my 30th birthday present....to scream at the top of my lungs and act like a 13 year old at the JT concert!
Best present EVER!!! (and best concert EVER!!)
Thanks again Mal!! Loved every second of it!!