Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I have had such a hard time blogging lately because we haven't really been doing a whole lot of big things.  We have just been living life.  I have stuck to my guns about not going out of town for November and December and so far so good.  I struggle with just dumping random pictures on this blog and doing a ton of repeats from Instagram but then I know that these are the posts that I will want to see the most.  Just glimpse of a fall afternoon or an everyday moment.  So to heck with it.  I give you a glimpse of our days.  Just normal days.

 Playing with a good Zulily find.  These Dot paint things. I have to admit they are pretty fun.
 For a few nights in a row Elle has fallen asleep while I read her books.  Then I get to hold her and rock her and tuck her into bed and watch her sleep.  Of course I sent Kenny a picture because he was out of town. I am loving the rocking. Elle was never a rocky, cuddly baby so it is always a treat.
 Kenny and I squeeze in a quick lunch date on day when Elle was at school.  I love when we get to do this.  I especially love it when we get to enjoy some cheese sticks at The Grill!
 This a total Instagram copy.  But Elle isn't napping so we have resorted to quiet time.  She sits on her bed and is allowed to read books and play with small toys.  She has been doing great with this.  She is happy to stay in her room with the door closed for around an hour to an hour-fifteen.  You have to take what you get!
 My sister (Nannee) sent Elle a Thanksgiving book in the mail. T is for Turkey. It is cute little book and also very educational. We have enjoyed reading it almost nightly.
 We got our second tshirt quilt in.  I am not sure if I posted my sorority quilt on here.  But this is the one with all of Kenny's Pike tshirts.  So many fun memories from all those parties! I am so incredibly happy to have these quilts done.  
 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Yep! All of these came one night.  It was so fun opening them all up and making piles for each person.  I only have a few more things to buy for my Christmas shopping.  I like to be done by the beginning of December so I can stay out of busy stores and enjoy the holiday's fun offerings without feeling stressed.
 Some of those presents were for Elle and I started to doubt I even need to buy her any gifts when she played with the box one of them came in for a good hour.  Typical kids.  Boxes are so much fun.
 Loving on Lena. Lena looks thrilled though. Ha! Elle has a love hate relationship with Lena right now.  Sometimes she throws temper tantrums because she is so mad that Lena keeps coming in her room or in her bathroom.  And then other times they will run around the house hugging and playing.  I think they love each other though.
Elle likes to get her computer out and pretend to "work" like Daddy.  They were having fun this past weekend while we watched the MSU vs. Texas A&M game.  

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Stephanie said...

Your quilts are AMAZING...making me wish I wasn't such a tosser!