Wednesday, November 27, 2013


A month or two ago Elle started noticing posters and commercials for Disney on Ice.  This year's show was Princesses and Princes and she was drawn to the all the pictures of Ariel, Cinderella and Belle on the posters.  Honestly the thought of taking her had not occurred to me but she would get so excited when she saw anything about it that we decided we needed to look into tickets. When we finally looked at Ticketmaster, everything was sold out except for the front row.  Which in hindsight is totally weird because there were a lot of empty seats the day of the actual show.  We ended up buying the first row seats and they were awesome.

The actual morning of Disney on Ice we just told Elle she was going to get to see ALL the princesses and Tinkerbell (she loves her some Tinkerbell) and she was thrilled.  Her excitement and wonder only multiplied when the lights when out and Tinkerbell came skating by and waving her wand.  She got kind of quiet at first.  When Ariel came out she was so exciting.  Standing up and waving at her and dancing.  It was all so much fun and a wonderful day spent together as a family.  Kenny and I just grin ear to ear when we get to see Elle excited about simple things.

Here are some sweet pictures from our day.
Elle and Daddy talking and waiting on the princesses to start coming out.
During the Under the Sea number. She was in heaven.
Watching Aladdin lift Jasmin in the air.
Tinkerbell riding in the Cinderella carriage during the finale.
Saying goodbye to the carriage and the princesses.  She cried when it was over.

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