Tuesday, November 5, 2013


We have been so incredibly busy and out of town so much that I cannot find the time to go back and write a post for every single thing that we did. So here is the most gigantic photo dump ever.  Some of these were on Instagram too but I always include those for memory sake. 

Can I just say this October was the busiest month I think we have ever had.  I am not sure if it is because Elle is older and able to do more or Starkville seems to offer more to do.  Who knows but man!  I hate to say it but I am a little Halloweened out! We did so many fall fests and pumpkin patching that when it actually poured down rain the actual day of Halloween we easily opted to watch a fun movie with Elle while eating dinner and ice cream on the floor. Looking forward to a relaxing November and then a magical Christmas. 

So alrighty...here we go!

We hit up the pumpkin patch one last time with our friends Amanda and sweet Sutton.  
Sutton and Elle are close in age and have a great time together.  They are so sweet!
Peeking out out of the hayride.
Running through the tunnel
Checking out more pumpkins even though we did NOT bring any more 
home that day.  We have enough pumpkins already.

We celebrated Kenny's 32nd birthday in Memphis.  Friday night we went to dinner with Elle and my sister and then Saturday night he and I went to see Captain Phillips (it was great) and then I took him to an amazing dinner at Alchemy. It was fantastic to have a date night!
Happy Birthday Kenny!
Had to include this picture because both of their faces.  Kenny looks totally 
confused at whatever she was hurumphing about.
Sister pic!

One of my besties was so wonderful and offered to keep Elle two different times when I was in Memphis last week. All while trying to get her house ready to be put on the market.  Elle was thrilled to get to see Lizzie!
Can get over how old both of them look in the picture of the left.  And Lizzie was 
reading to Elle on the right.  So sweet.

Kenny went to the World Series Game 4 in St. Louis on an impromptu guys trip. I was so thrilled when we were able to make it work with everything we had going on.  He loves the Red Sox and this was actually his first time to see them play.  He just could not pass up this opportunity.  To make it even more exciting Boston hit a home run to take the lead and then they won.  They had such a great time and I am just so incredibly happy that he got to go.
The view from their seats.  Not really seats.  The game was pretty sold out so they bought standing room only tickets and staked out some prime real estate for the entire game.  

The week of Halloween we went to two Fall Festivals.  The first one started with Trick or Treat on the Row and then MSU actually hosted a big festival in the Junction.  It was all a lot of fun.  Elle got a ton of candy and it was so fun going to all the sorority houses.  Of course I explained to her which house was mine and that is where Mommy lived.  She already knows Kenny's fraternity house because we pass it more frequently but now she knows where she will reside one day.

Saying Trick or Treat to the sweet girls at Mommy's house.

More pictures from the MSU Fall Festival and Trick or Treat on the Row.

Had to include this sweet picture of Elle.  It was the day of her Halloween 
party at school and she was so proud of her pumpkin painting.

One day Elle spent an entire hour playing with a dead moth. I hate bugs.  
The pictures were pretty cute though.

Finally our last Fall Festival.  This one was a Trunk or Treat at the church that Elle's PDO is in.  We had a great time.  Elle was totally over her costume though.  It is probably a good thing we didn't go trick or treating because I was kind of over her costume too.  Like I said.  We were busy.
Pretty pleased with her smile in this picture.  It has nothing to do with me.  It has to do with that bag of popcorn in her hand.  She is just like her daddy.  Loves loves loves loves popcorn!
Elle and Kenny play golf all the time together at home with her little play golf clubs.  
It was so fun seeing them put those skills to use all in the name of candy!

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