Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Christmas Eve and Christmas morning were magical and wonderful. I could not of asked for it all to be more perfect.  Christmas Eve we hung at home, watched movies and decorated cookies for Santa.   By night time, Elle was worn out from the excitement. I was sad we couldn't make Christmas Eve service but I am too terrified of all the flu and illness going around. So we spent the evening at home. Kenny grilled steaks and I made potatoes and green bean bundles and we had a family dinner at home.  It really was so nice.

Before Elle and Walker went to bed we had to get some pictures of them in front of the Christmas tree. I will cherish these pictures.  Our first Christmas as a family of four!

We started out with Elle holding Walker in her arms like this and these pictures crack me up.  She doesn't quite understand what support his hand means.
Sweet kisses from sister.
Uh oh.  We are losing him here.  One of my favorite pictures though.  
The one where we told her to rest her chin on his head to try to keep everything in place.
The framer. Sweet babies in their Christmas gowns.

I have not mentioned our Elf Charlie too much on this blog but we do have a Elf that came to our home on December 1.  He is a simple minded elf that moves from place to place each night after he comes back from the North Pole. Elle loves him.  Sqeals with glee morning when she discovers where he has landed. So on Christmas Eve before Charlie was schedule to catch a ride back to the North Pole with Santa he left Elle a note telling her that since he was leaving for another year that she could give him a big hug.  She was so thrilled and gave him the biggest squeeze.  Her innocence and pure joy made me want to cry.
Reading the note and then big hug!
After Elle was in bed I took a few of Walker in front of the Christmas tree. 
He was almost 7 weeks old here.

I have to include this bit in the post.  So, Elle has been getting up a lot and wandering around the house. It is borderline creepy and is of course adding to our sleep deprivation.  So we have tried a lot of things to try and contain her to her room.  She has proved to be super smart, inventive and stealth.  So on Christmas Eve we were so worried that she would be able to get downstairs and she would see what Santa brought her before we were there and we would miss her reaction.  So we had two different gates up.  One we had to bungee cord up so she couldn't unlock herself.  The other we had to borrow from a neighbor at 9:30 at night!  We were so worried and stressed about this.  But our efforts worked in the end and we were able to control when she was let into the room. 

Anyway, Santa came! She asked Santa multiple times for a pink car and she was so confident that he was going to deliver! Lucky for him he got the memo.  He also brought her an adorable set of big girl golf clubs with pink tees and practice balls.  She also received several dress up princess dresses among other things.  Santa couldn't forget about Walker and brought him a new red radio flyer wagon that Elle was just as thrilled with.  He also received some books and burp clothes, a Melissa and Doug car toy and pacis.
The Santa set up! So much pink!
Elle's new golf gear that Kenny is so excited about.
Walker's Santa set up.
Sleepy little girl in her new car.
Trying on one of her new princess dresses.
Ready to go for a ride in her new car.  We were outside soon after this picture was taken along with a lot of the neighborhood.
She was so adorable with all her golf stuff!
Walker hanging out with CeCe watching Elle play with some of her toys.

Learning how to hit a t-ball from Nannee!

After a wonderful Christmas morning with our little family my sister and Mom arrived and we opened more gifts, went for a family walk and cooked a delicious Christmas dinner of honey ham, squash casserole, mashed potatoes and Brussel sprouts.  My sister made delicious pies too! The day after Christmas we met Kenny up at the Country Club to eat lunch and then just the grown up girls went to see Into The Woods.  We all really enjoyed it!

It was a fantastic Christmas Eve and Christmas holiday.  We are headed down to Fairhope to celebrate with Kenny's parents soon.  Post to come soon! 

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