Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I do not know what it is about the winter that makes me go into blogging hibernation.  We have been so sick.  I had the flu last week and we just can't all seem to be well at the same time.  The person who has managed to not get sick is Kenny.  But for Elle, Walker and I it has been one thing after another.  Kenny is having surgery this coming Friday. That makes him even I suppose.

We haven't been doing a whole lot but I have a few pictures I want to share on here for memory purposes so lets do a quick little photo dump!

Last week Elle's sweet little dance studio where she takes ballet with a lot of her friends had a Frozen themed dance class where they danced to the Frozen songs and had a tea party. When I asked Elle which dress she wanted to wear she chose Anna.  I was surprised but I secretly like the Anna dress more.  She was definitely outnumbered but she did not care in the least.
Elle with some of her friends at dance!

Elle and Abigail.  Anna and Elsa They are best friends!

Oh we have to include this for sure! Here is me after I waited four hours to get swabbed for the flu.  Yes! It took every bit of energy I had to even drive myself to this urgent care clinic and then I had to sit in the waiting room for four hours with the fever and aches and the whole shebang.  It was so completely awful.  But I had to endure so that if tested positive the whole family could get on Tamiflu.  A mother's love I tell you!  PS- I so need botox on that forehead! Whoa nelly!
Look at those sick eyes!  Luckily Mrs. Ann was able to come to the rescue and help so that I was able to quarantine myself and Walker did not get it.  Elle did not get it either but I am pretty convinced that she had it a couple weeks ago and I just got her swab done to early for a positive flu test.

I started feeling better over the weekend in time to finally hug my babies, let Mrs. Ann go home and even see some friends at a fun Super Bowl party!
Having fun on the ol playmate.  Walker is loving it these days!!
Getting some tummy time in and holding that head up well!

We went over to a friends house for the Super Bowl and had a great time.  Elle had a lot of friends there too and she was completely worn out by the time we left.  Walker got lots of snuggles from all my friends and I thought the game and half time show were great.  Just wish Seattle had won!
Mr. Jay surrounded by the kids!

Kenny snuggling with Walker!
My good friend Missy snuggling with Walker.

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Anonymous said...

Please don't poison your face with botox! You are beautiful just as you are! Nothing is more beautiful than a mother's love <3