Monday, February 9, 2015


I will not be cliche.  I will not be cliche.  Okay fine.  I can't believe that Walker is three months old today!  Now that he is sleeping more it is really starting to fly by.  I told Kenny the other day that I have fallen in love with Walker. I loved him from the minute I saw him but newborns are tough, so when they start to smile and cook and giggle at you your heart just melts and for me that is when I fall in love. I just think he is so perfect.  Even though as I write this he has not let me put him down in the last three or four days.  He is going through a developmental leap and is extremely fussy.  But I am hoping he will come out of it really soon.  

So here are some pictures from the last month.  
My good good friend Sarah has a little baby fever and offered to keep Walker for a morning.  She also chose a morning where Elle was at preschool so I was kid free.  It was a total win win.  She got a baby fix and I was kid free for a bit.
She loves him so much.  Gives him so much affection. Sometimes he looks at her like you just wait until I get older.  So funny.

I take so any pictures of him when he sleeps.  I just can't help it.  He is just so sweet and innocent when he sleeps.
Some of my favorite pictures to date.  Kenny was trying to get him to smile and instead scared him and he got so upset.  It was so pitiful!
Oh how this picture makes me smile.  My sleeping boys.
Kenny with his arms full.  I think Elle and Kenny look so much alike in this picture.
Kenny went to market for 10 days this past month.  Bedtime could get a little hairy sometimes.  This was a picture I took during bedtime.  I had Walker across my lap and was shaking him with my legs while I read books to Elle.
Swaddled and ready for bed.
About the time I started trying to capture a smile on camera.  This was one of my 
first attempts and I caught a small one.
Sleepy time selfie with Mommy.
Loving his mobile lately.

Snuggly boy.
Working on tummy time and holding our head up better.
 Sister making him laugh.
One more sleepy picture.

Sleeping 8 PM - 5 AM
Drinking 5 oz per bottle
Wearing 3-6 month clothes
Weights over 13lbs
Really into his mobile and the mirror on his playmat

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