Monday, February 16, 2015


Last week we hit the road so Kenny could work in South Mississippi. We stopped in Hattiesburg to spend two nights with my mom.  I was able to hit up Target and Kenny and I were able to sneak away one night for a wonderful date night.  Plus CeCe got some bonding time with Elle and Walker.
I have to include this sweet smiley picture of Walker that I took in Hattiesburg.  
He is just smiling and cooing so much and I love it!

On Friday we loaded up the car again to head down to Fairhope.  We were excited because of our annual tradition of going to the Maids of Jubilee parade downtown.  We have attended this parade the last three years, maybe four and I cannot say enough good things about it.  It is safe and clean and the floats are so pretty plus the krewes throw out majorly good stuff! We came home with a huge teddy bear, a monkey taller than Elle and a ton more stuffed animals and toys and beads.  I am questioning what I will do with all this stuff because believe me we DO NOT need another stuffed animal in this house!

We went downtown for a very early dinner and opted for a casual pizza place called The Ravenite.  We got there just in time because the place got crowded really quickly right after we were seated.
Mr. Ken and Mrs. Ann waiting on the pizzas!
A semi decent picture of the four of us!  

I was so excited because our good family friends came down to spend the weekend in Fairhope and come to the parade too! Like I said I talked this parade up so much I lured them down here!  Luckily they had so much fun at the parade and it did not disappoint!  Elle was absolutely thrilled to have two of her best friends there!
Elle, Abigail and Anna Claire waiting on the parade to start.
We were standing on the parade route in front of the hotel Sarah and Jeremy were staying at and the hotel had balconies.  People were throwing things off the balcony and all three girls caught cute teddy bears before the parade even started.  Sarah and I joked we could of just gone home then!
Group pic with good friends! So happy to have found them after we moved!
Oh my goodness these horns! They love them so much but they are so loud! They still had the best time running around making all kinds of noise!

Look! Even Kenny and I managed a picture together!
The girls having the best time yelling "throw me sumthin mista!"
One of the last floats to go by pointed right and Elle and tossed her this enormous monkey! I'm not kidding! It is taller than she is! It is very soft and she loves it.  I set it on our stairs last night and he kept scaring me to death because it is like a child is sitting on the stairs. She also insisted it ride in the car with us to school this morning.  After I dropped her off I turned around to see the monkey peering at Walker in his car seat. This was not a staged picture!  Funny and creepy!

Kenny and I are not fans of Valentine's Day at all but did have plans to go eat breakfast downtown and then do a little shopping but Kenny woke up feeling really really bad.  Initially we thought he had just overdone it the night before and still recovering from his sinus surgery a week ago but now I am pretty convinced he had a stomach bug.  He dragged himself to breakfast with me against all my objections and we did manage to go into a few stores but then we headed home where he layed on the sofa the rest of the weekend.  So far the rest of us have been spared so fingers crossed!

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