Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Oh Peter Pan.  How you have remained such a large part of our lives for the past year makes me laugh.  But our love for Peter Pan is serious business.  So much so that I felt that I needed to write a post just for this to remember these sweet times.

Last summer Elle was obsessed with the Disney movie Peter Pan.  She loved it so much that I think she may of watched it twice a day while we are at the beach.  We would come home from the beach and dump her in the bath and then that little water baby would curl up in our bed at the beach house and watch Peter Pan on the iPad and fall asleep most days.  The obsession lasted all summer for sure. I even chose a Peter Pan quote for Walkers nursery as an ode to Elle's love of Peter Pan.

Other little girls were still loving Frozen and in our house it was all about Peter Pan.  Then as the holidays started to approach commercials for the Live Musical Peter Pan started to air on TV and she immediately took an interest.  She was totally enamored with the "I Won't Grow Up" song.  We started listening to the musical soundtrack on Spotify to prepare for the TV version.  She loved it!  And of course I secretly loved it because I love all things musical and I loved singing along with her.

So the TV version aired and I made sure to record it on our DVR and I have to say the first time she watched it she didn't really seem all that interested.  I personally thought it wasn't that great.  I remember watching another version as a child and it was much better.  But then the next day she asked to watch it again and the next day again.  In no time she knew all the songs and we were listening to the Broadway soundtrack every time we were in the car.

And then....

Kenny was out of town for Las Vegas market and we'd been having a rough go at it and Elle was watching Peter Pan and I left the room and I come back and she says "Mommy, Peter Pan went off."  So I got to turn it back on and some how she had DELETED it off of our DVR. DELETED!  We all had a meltdown! I cried, she cried.  It was so sad.

So I managed to find it on Amazon along with another older more play like version similar to the one I remember watching with Cathy Rigby.  That version amped the obsession into overdrive.  Her favorite thing to do is act out the play while she is watching it.  She adores Wendy and likes for me to be Peter Pan.

For her birthday I surprised her with a Wendy gown that I had made on Etsy so that she could play dress up and she loved it.
So I know that one day she'll stop loving or even caring about Peter Pan but her love for it now has made us smile on so many occasions and created some great memories.  Love my sweet little girl so incredibly much!

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