Tuesday, June 30, 2015


This past weekend my sister invited Elle up to Memphis for a jam packed weekend of fun!  Of course we dubbed this adventure Nannee camp.  Kenny and I seeing an opportunity offered up Walker cuddles to CeCe for the weekend in Hattiesburg and the starts aligned. Kenny and I were kid free in Starkville for 36 hours while our children enjoyed wonderful bonding time!

Annie and Elle got back to Memphis around lunch and hit up the nail shop where Elle picked purple for both of their toenails.  Elle is getting totally spoiled! She is getting pedicures more often than me.
 After pedis they hit up our favorite book store in Memphis.  They have a great children's section and Elle came home with two new books about starting a new school which I can't even talk about right now.
 She was pretty excited about them!

After the bookstore it was time for a movie. First they stopped by a candy store so Elle could pick out some movie candy to go along with her popcorn! Spoiled!  They went to see the new Disney Pixar movie Inside Out and Elle enjoyed it.  Annie gave it good reviews too. By the time they got home from the movie I think they were both worn out!
No movie is complete without popcorn in Elle's book! She gets that honest from Kenny.
 Walker checking in at CeCe's.  Elle would request for pictures of Walker to 
be sent so she could see him.  Sweet sister!

The next morning Elle and Nanee were up early and headed to the zoo.  The idea was to get there in the morning so it wasn't too hot but the day was overcast and perfect for a nice long visit to our favorite zoo.  All the animals were out and about so they had the best time!
 Seeing a fan favorite, the giraffes!
This little monkey was showing out for Elle and she thought it was so funny!
The sea lions were on the move that morning.  They were swimming all over the place for Elle and they even caught the sea lion show.

 Elle adores this carosael and no trip to the zoo is complete without a ride.
Towards the end of the zoo trip we got a phone call from Annie and Elle and Elle was so distraught because she had lost her pink bow.  She was so sad.  Despite Kenny and I reassuring her that it was okay and that we weren't worried about it at all she was still very upset.  So naturally a cookie was needed.
There's a smile!  Don't blame her! That cookie is from Frost my 
absolute favorite bakery in the entire world!
 After a rest and a bath Elle and Nanee headed out for a few errands.  
She was excited to sport her sunglasses that the zoo was handing out.

Checking in with Walker for a moment.  He was having a good time hanging out with CeCe. He wasn't napping all to well but he was trying his best to learn how to crawl.

 Up off of his knees and on all fours.  Still can't quite figure it out though.
 Elle and Nanee headed to get donuts before heading to Tupelo to meet Kenny for the trade off. 
Just another cute picture of Walker.  We got several of these because Elle would tell Nannee to tell CeCe to text her a picture of Walker so she could see him.  She missed her brother!

And before I conclude this blog post on Nannee camp and CeCe camp I thought I would do a quick run down of how Kenny and I spent our glorious 36 hours on our own.  Friday night we ordered sushi and watched a movie that I felt asleep midway through.  Saturday morning we slept late which means until 8 AM.  Then we went and got coffee and pedicures together before going to lunch together.  From there we came home to relax but the house was quiet so we didn't stick around too long.  We went to see Ted 2 at the movie matinee and then went to Harveys for dinner where we planned to enjoy a nice dinner and drinks but Kenny wasn't feeling to well.  So we had a couple drinks at the bar and ordered our food at the bar and took it home to just watch tv and hang out.  Sunday morning we slept late again and then went to brunch before we both went our separate ways to bring Elle and Walker back home.  While that weekend might sound boring the one on one time was so amazing and we had a really really good weekend together.  But we missed the babes like crazy and were so happy to have our family back together Sunday afternoon.

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