Thursday, September 10, 2015


The last few days at the beach were spent just like the previous days.  Going to the beach and going to the pool.  Eating and playing and going to bed early.  It was wonderful! Just a few more pictures to wrap it up!

Kenny and Elle would go to the pool while Walker napped and then we would walk over in the stroller to meet them and hang out for a little bit.  Once Walker got too hot we would all head back together.
Walker and Kenny hanging out at the pool.

The last night we actually braved a restaurant.  We figured we would attempt to sit on the patio of Bud and Alley's Pizza Bar and if it all went to heck we would get the pizza to go.  It ended up being a great dinner together as a family and the perfect way to spend our last night. I even made two different people take some pictures of the four of us! 

Love my family of four.

I just adore this picture because he is laughing at her.  That crinkled up face.  Love!
Team Dad.  Super Dad! She is obsessed with her Daddy.

On our last morning we hit up Great Southern for beignets one last time and then Sun Dog Books for a final souvenir and then we hit the road.
Elle cried real tears.  She loves the beach and being there together as a family. 
She didn't want to leave.

We broke up the trip by stopping in Hattiesburg for a night so my mom could see the kids, so I could go see a doctor for the sinus infection that I have had for three weeks and to watch the USM vs. MSU game.   We would of loved to go support our Bulldogs in person but the game didn't start until 9.  That just wasn't happening.  The game was a little touch and go but we pulled out a win around 1:30 AM!

We finally got home on Sunday and I was just so so so happy to be home.  I was a little homesick and was so happy to be back in my own house and my own bed! Elle was also so ready to be back at school!

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