Monday, September 14, 2015


We were so excited for this weekend to get here! Not only was it our first home game and a huge game against LSU but our friends were coming from Memphis to stay for the weekend! Not only are Mollie and Wilson so fun for us to hang out with but Lizzie who is six is such a good friend to Elle and they have the best time playing and having "sleepovers."
This was shortly after they got here on Friday night and we had to get a picture 
of them together in their sweet uniforms. 

Saturday morning this is how they came downstairs.  Friday morning I picked up some new to us boots from a friend for Elle and she found them and Lizzie just happened to have the same ones.  Elle is obsessed and hasn't taken them off since that morning really.  Elle also was sporting one of her new headbands that our friend from Memphis is making.  They are blowing up! Check her out- Lolo Headbands.
Nightgowns and boots.

Since the game was a late one I cooked a big breakfast and we just hung out and relaxed.  The girls just played and play and Mollie took Will  for a run on campus.  The weather was perfect and it was an absolutely beautiful day!
Wallker checking Mollie out.
The Baird family also brought with them a real live Chrysalis.  It could hatch at any time and out would come a beautiful monarch butterfly so they couldn't leave it at home.  They had to bring it with them.  We all thought it was so neat and pretty!

Finally it was time to load up and head to the tailgate.  I was so anxious to get out there for so many reasons.  The main one being it was just so pretty outside!
Me, Margaret and Caroline- the tailgating crew!
Mollie and me

We ventured out to the kids section to see if there was anyone painting faces.  Elle said she wanted to jump in the jumpies even after I told her that she doesn't like them.  Because we always wait in line and then she gets in there with  the other kids and then gets scared and cries and we have to get right back out.  Luckily we ran into some friends while we waited so that helped pass the time.
Elle's good friend Annie.
Family picture minus our sweet Walker.

As expected, after waiting in line for 45 minutes for the bouncy, Elle got in and decided she hated it and got right back out. Sheesh.  So we went back to the tailgate to visit with our friends some more!
Lizzie, Elle, Aibgail, Annie and Shelby
Foley, Margaret, Laura and Me

The kick off was not until 8:15 and by that time it had been a long day.  Elle did okay for the first half but half time did us in and a few minutes into the third quarter and she was screaming.  Just so wiped out.  I don't blame her.  We didn't get home until midnight and for a little girl who goes to bed around 6:30- 7:00 pm that is so so so late. I have to be honest and say I was so occupied with Elle that I watched zero of the game and we got home just in time to see our team miss the kick and lose the game by two points.  What a bummer!

Sunday we tried to sleep in as best as we can with sweet Walker waking up super early.  We enjoyed some City Bagel bagels and then the Bairds headed back to Memphis.  We spent the rest of the day being completely lazy.  Watching movies, napping and playing some outside.

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