Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Our final day in the vineyards.  This day we did not have any appointments except one with a winery that Jay made the day before at the last minute.  Robby had also made plans to take a uber to another town a couple hours away so he could meet a friend for a little bit before he came back and met us for dinner.  We made sure we did this final day right! I am not sure why it was a little more crazy.  Probably just because we weren't meeting with the owners and staff of the wineries and spending time talking to them while we were tasting.  The walk ins you just saunter up to the counter and they pour you three, four, five tastings, you buy some wine and then head out to another winery.  It moves a lot quicker. You drink a lot more.  But this day was super fun but I could not of done another day.  

This was the end.  But oh my goodness am I in love with Napa! I haven't stopped looking at all the pictures and cannot wait to plan another trip. We are already tentatively planning our next trip.  We plan to use Pat again and focus on the Sonoma region.  Napa is know for their Cabernets which were delicious but Kenny and I like Pinot Noirs and Sonoma has more Pinot Noir wineries. So already looking forward to next year!Not to mention this trip made me absolutely fall in love with wine.  We came home with eight bottles that we checked and then joined three clubs and made a couple more orders to have wine shipped to us.  We have to wait until the weather gets cooler so the hot sun doesn't ruin our precious wine! So here we go with the last picture recap!
This was the view in the morning out of our house.  We were on the Silver Oak Golf Course and Resort and it was a beautiful course!  Our house was perfect for our group.
This was a panoramic view.

It was a warmer morning so when we got to our first stop at Domaine Carnaros and sat down at our beautiful table with our beautiful view it was hot and we were all feeling the last two days.  This is a beautiful place but it is not personal at all.  I would compare it to going to a restaurant and getting a wine flight.  We finished our flight quickly and went ahead and left.  Not my favorite place but it was pretty. 
Group shots

We did a quick tasting at Boldocci and then we stopped at our one appointment that Jay made with Taylor Family Wineries.  Jays parents are club members there and fell in love with this winery because they have planes on their wine bottles and Jay's dad is a pilot.  This tasting was held at the family's house and we were so pleasured to be hosted by Nana the matriarch and the granddaughter of the family.  They gave us a cheese pairing with each wine which I absolutely loved! The family bond was apparent at this vineyard so we really enjoyed this appointment.
Group shot with Nana and granddaughter
They had a Meyer lemon tree right at the corner of the house and I asked them about it and they started telling us about the lemoncello they make with the lemons.  
Then they shared some with us and it was so delicious!

After we were done with Taylor wines we were pretty hot and did not have any other set appointments so we chose to do some indoor walk in tastings. We went to Cliff Ledet, Plumpjack and Silver Oaks. 
We picked this book up at Plumpjack for Elle.  It is about a grape who doesn't turn purple 
like the rest of her friends and family.  So cute!
Had to get a few pictures with Pat since I rode shotgun with him all week. Love him!
Being silly in the car!

Our last stop was at Silver Oak.  I can't say anything for the wine because I did not drink any.  I had had enough wine but everyone said it was good and we enjoyed seeing the winery owner's person collection of wine.
The guys at Silver Oak.
Group shot including Pat.
This is Deake.  He took a special liking to Foley.

After we were done at Silver Oaks we headed to Bouchon for dinner where Robby returned from his road trip and joined us.  Dinner was so good and brought along three bottles of wine from Boldocci that we enjoyed with each course of our dinner.
One side of the table!
The other side of the table
A final toast for our trip!

This trip was amazing and I have been having dreams about wineries and our days there.  It was so relaxing and so fun to go with friends.  I wasn't sure what to expect of Napa Valley and it definitely surpassed my expectations.  We are planning our trip for next year and if it comes to fruition I will be looking forward to it for sure!

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